Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday Favourites

Whole week no blog. If last week wasn’t great, this one has been a whole new level of crap – just one annoying, irritating thing after another really. Today is the first day that I finally feel like myself again, enough to celebrate the things I have enjoyed this week and to think YES, it’s the weekend! C E L E B R A T E!

1.  Swimming 1000m in the Olympic swimming pool in Stratford on Tuesday night. I haven’t swum properly (we have a pool in our apartment complex and I splash about in it quite a lot, but that doesn’t count) for ages and I didn’t know how far or how fast I could go, but I did 1000m in just under half an hour and really enjoyed it. Going back next Tuesday!

2. Desert Island Discs – in particular Mary Berry’s and Dawn French’s, both of which made me laugh and cry in equal measure. When you’re on the train and stressed out by the tiny dramas and trivialities in your own banal life, Desert Island Discs is the perfect remedy – stepping out of your life, and listening to the sum of someone else’s, reminds you of what is really important. Mary Berry’s choked up voice as she introduces Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing,’ the song they played at her son’s funeral after he was killed in a car crash. Dawn French’s tribute to her late mother, Etta James ‘At Last,’ to signify that her mother had reunited with her father. But as well as that, both women have this down-to-earth, no nonsense attitude to life – a life lived through cooking good food and going on walks and laughing with your family – and I needed that this week. A reminder that my London-warped lifestyle isn’t all there is. Anyway, I know I rave on about this show all the time so I’ll stop, but seriously, it’s like my stress relief. Go, listen.

3.  The Olympics! Ahhh I love the Olympics SO MUCH. Does anyone know of a sport that takes up like no time at all and you can take it up at age 29 and then still win a medal in about 4 years? Hmm? My fav this week has been the gymnastics, watching it from my husband eating jacket potatoes on the sofa and saying ‘god, that wasn’t a very good triple back flip, was it?’

4. Running a tiny bit faster. Might even attempt my first 5k since knee injury on Saturday. I said MIGHT.

5. The weather. I’m getting really used to it being sunny and warm, which is a bit dangerous! But still, it looks like it might hold out for the weekend. I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll stay nice for my weekend at Green Man festival in Wales next weekend, but this is Wales, so I’m not holding out much hope!

6. Speaking of Green Man – receiving some mermaid leggings which me and a friend will very definitely be wearing whilst drinking cider in a field. Cannot. Wait.

7. Laura Fountain’s book ‘Tricurious’ on running a triathlon. Ian’s sister came to stay with us at the weekend and entered a triathlon (his whole family are so ludicrously sporty and excellent at everything they do) and it inspired me to dip my toe in to the open water, especially after reading this book and an excellent post by Emily Benton. Watch this space… but anyway the book is hilariously funny, just like Laura’s book on becoming a runner – it actually made me laugh out loud in places. Worth picking up.

8. Speaking of Ian’s sister, dinner at Wahaca with her and Ian and two of my friends on Saturday night. White wine and tapas – what could go wrong? Drinks in my local pub with my two friends in the afternoon wasn’t bad, either.

9. Going home and seeing my mum and dad on Thursday afternoon. Sometimes you just need to admit you aren’t coping and an afternoon of stern talking to mixed in with hugs was exactly what I needed this week.

10. Plus leaving with two packets of fudge straight from the Scilly Isles didn’t hurt, I have to admit.

11. Receiving my Treat Box which this month came with inspiring notebook, coaster, sweets and bath bombs. I’d considered unsubscribing from the service after last month’s kind of mediocre box, but this one was so lovely and really put a smile on my face!  

12.  Celebrating World Lion Day. Cake and cards and hugs.

13. Booking a little retreat for my wedding anniversary next month. Can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since I married him and that this time last year I was in the midst of wedding fever! In a pretty unpleasant week, it’s endlessly reassuring to know that in a world where a lot of people misunderstand me, there’s someone I can come home to, someone who will put their arms around me and make all the bad things go away. I can’t wait to just hole up in a cottage with prosecco and beer and fajita ingredients and be on our own together.

14. Planning a great weekend ahead – prosecco picnic on Saturday, drinks on Saturday night and afternoon tea on Sunday! Oh and maybe that 5k. We will see!

What have you enjoyed this week?  

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