Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 goals for 2016

 Okay not gonna lie – I totally got this idea from HannahGale’s blog (which is fab btw, don’t go and read it till you’ve finished this post because you’ll fall into a vortex of hilarious lists and anecdotes and you’ll have forgotten all about poor little me by the time you’ve managed to haul yourself out.) But I did actually do a pretty similar post last year. I think it’s something about this time of year – it reminds me of new stationary and clean, fresh school diaries that I always promised not to graffiti, and new fashion (even though I’ll clearly just buy ANOTHER maroon jumper). New beginnings. So I wanted to note down a couple of things I’d like to manage by the end of the year!

Buy a yacht. Totally realistic goal right?

1. Run a 10k
As I noted here, I fell in love with running this year…and then I got injured. But after a serious stint of physiotherapy, I’ve started a little more slowly this time, and I’d really, really like to have run 10k by the end of the year. It would be the furthest I’d ever run and I honestly don’t know if I’m fit enough, but I want to follow a proper little training plan (slightly adapted for people with dodgy knees) and just do it, rather than getting sidetracked by people and parties and prosecco.

2. Move
We’ve bought a flat – hurrah! And I want to be IN the flat by the end of the year, with our boxes unpacked and a new cosy duvet on the bed and my beautiful sparkling copper wine glasses (which I refuse currently to unpack) in my shiny new kitchen. Obviously, the moving process is not all within my control, and as much as I think buying a house should be as simple as ‘I have money, you have a property – swapsies?’ – I understand it can’t always run smoothly. But I want to make an effort to do all my bits promptly – sign forms, send off documents and so on – so that as far as possible, I’ve done everything I can to get us in by the end of the year.

3. Save money
Kind of related to the above. I don’t have a specific amount I want or need to save, but I do want to stop frittering it away on frappucinos, candles and unexpected £45 Boots shopping sprees (although sometimes, those are just necessary.) I want to move with a nice little buffer, especially with Christmas up ahead, so that I can THEN go mad and spend £85 on the big five wick Christmas candle from the White Company and tell my husband it was £20 in the sale.

4. See my family more
For one reason or another – mostly because my retired parents seem to have taken it upon themselves to have one holiday a fortnight – I feel like I’ve been a bit cut off from my family as of late. Maybe seeing my husband’s family brought it home all the more. I’ve been home for big events, but not for nothing-time – you know, just family dinners and board games and lazing about in the back garden. But my sister is having a baby soon (AAAAH) and I just want to make sure I’m home a LOT more over the next few months.

5. Keep the flat TIDY

There’s a part of me that has kind of given up on my current flat because I feel like my heart has already got up and walked to the new one! But whoever it was who said ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ was telling the truth and that could really be extrapolated to my bedroom floor. When the room is nice and clean and all my clothes are either a.) washed b.) in the wardrobe c.) neatly sorted and awaiting washing, rather than on my ‘floordrobe’, and the bedding is clean and I’ve got a nice candle lit, I genuinely feel like a better person! And when I move, obviously it’s going to be fine and I’m going to transform magically into the sort of person who takes 15 minutes at the end of each day to put things away, rather than the current version of me who tips everything onto the floor. Right?

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