Thursday, 22 September 2016

A weekend at home for my sister’s baby shower

I still can’t believe that my little sister is having a baby! But the evidence is getting rather unmistakeably clear. Baby Gordon (Baby G to his friends) is well and truly showing at this point, and with only just over a month to go before he is due to make his long awaited appearance (he’s only got about a day to go if you ask my mum), it seemed about the right time to throw him and my sister a baby shower.

I mentioned that I haven’t been able to go home much recently (more because my parents go on holiday every two seconds than because of my own exciting life) so I was so excited to just go back for the weekend and spend some proper time at home. We arrived back on Friday night, had southern fried chicken and potatoes with my parents and my sister, and then I went for a couple of drinks with some of my old school friends at the local pub. On Saturday both Ian and I went for runs, and then we lazed about eating bagels and leftover chicken until the rest of the family showed up for one hell of a roast dinner (three meats – seriously)! – followed by a good game of Scattegories. All in all, I was feeling very relaxed and happy by the time Sunday rolled around and the baby shower arrived!

I spent the morning decorating the house – blowing up balloons and being silly with my Dad, and trying not to let my Mum get stressed out in the kitchen! My sister and I were brought up loving Winnie the Pooh, so obviously that was the theme for the cake I ordered…

And we had lots of other party food, including my Mum’s world-renowned sausage rolls, homemade mini cheesecakes and scones! As Baby G will soon learn, his family like their food!

The men (my Dad, Baby G’s Dad, my husband etc) were shoved off to the pub and friends and family started arriving. I’d made a (if I do say so myself) excellent playlist – sample highlights included Michael Buble’s ‘I Just Haven’t Met You Yet’ (get it?!), the Spice Girls ‘Mama’ and just about every song including the word ‘Baby’ that I could find! So we listened to music, those of us who weren’t with child drank prosecco and we chatted in the garden.

My Mum had arranged some classic party games – like guess the number of jelly babies in the jar, and trying to remember all the baby items on a tray – which was really good fun and brought everyone together! We also had to guess which baby was which, which was pretty good fun. The groom’s sister had also prepared a Disney music quiz, which was brilliant, although it turned out my sister’s best friend Beth was some kind of Disney music aficionado and knew every song from the first beat – it was both alarming and impressive in equal measures!

Finally we all went into the living room and my sister opened the incredibly generous presents that people had brought her. I’d gone for more Winnie the Pooh themed gifts (obviously!) and there were some really lovely, thoughtful gifts. 

It was such a lovely day – Baby G is going to the most loved little baby in the world. I just can’t wait to meet him now! 


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