Thursday, 8 September 2016

Basic Bitch things I love about Autumn

I’m a summer baby. I like long days and warm nights, the feeling of stepping outside and the air being hotter out than it is in; I like bare feet and maxi dresses, cider and festivals, BBQs and golden skin and cold white wine in rooftop bars. So I’m actually pretty pleased that Autumn has had such a revival over the last few years, giving me a couple of things to look forward to as my favourite season comes to an end! Essentially, I don’t care how basic it is – if it keeps me happy as the days get shorter, I’m involved…

1. The clothes. Thick knit cardigans with tea dresses and ankle boots and TIGHTS. Oh, black tights, making dresses that have shrunk in the wash a bit look long enough to wear to work, making comfy boots look casual not slutty, and best of all – meaning you don’t have to meticulously shave your legs every bloody day. Nobody banging on about bikini bodies, no crop tops, no perplexingly short jean shorts that you can’t quite keep your arse cheeks inside. Just nice dark wash denim jeans with thin-knit burgundy jumpers, brown leather boots, elegant perfection.

2. Scarves. It is incredible to me that scarves, which are basically cuddly blankets that you can wrap yourself up in, also masquerade as chic accessories. But I am not complaining and I wear them all the time. Mostly tartan ones because I am basic.

3. Knowing what to wear. In Autumn if you wake up and it’s drizzly rain, it’ll be drizzly rain all day.  You won’t leave the house in jeans and a jumper and suddenly find yourself at 6pm, boiling in a pub garden in 25 degree heat, surrounded by girls in floaty maxi dresses and wondering how they didn’t spend the entire morning freezing their tits off.  Equally you won’t go out in a summer dress, get caught in a sudden downpour and spend several hours looking like you entered a wet t-shirt competition. Autumn is easy to manage. Bring an umbrella, it’ll probably rain.

4. Not feeling guilty when hungover. There’s really nothing worse than having a great, crazy summer night out and then having to spend all day in bed with the curtain drawn but the windows open, listening to children shriek with playful delight and staring at photographs of people on Facebook having picnics in parks and frolicking on English beaches. In Autumn it’s fine, it’s raining and nobody is doing anything anyway so it’s perfectly acceptable, and also you can drag your quilt onto your sofa and make a cosy den, so it’s almost like an activity in itself.

5. Hot chocolate. Hearty soup. Baked potatoes. Pie with mash and vegetables. Huge roast dinners. Gravy on things that don’t really require gravy. Apple crumble. Honestly, it’s almost worth the colder weather just for the food alone.  

6. Constantly saying ‘is it Christmas yet?’ ‘Can we start celebrating Christmas yet?’ ‘Can we get the tree out soon?’ and endlessly winding up the Scrooges in your life.

7. Dark red nail polish and berry lips. A whole sea of girls in Essie Shearling Darling nail polish and Rimmel 107 lipstick, and I will be among them, perfectly happy.  

8. Pyjama-slipper-dressing gown combos. I have slippers that look like little fluffy boots, and I like wearing them with cosy pyjamas and my big pink fluffy dressing gown which my husband described, in my opinion a bit harshly, as ‘the least attractive thing I have ever worn.’ It makes me feel like a giant marshmallow so his opinion is invalid.

9. Candles. I don’t really like summer candles. I’m all about things called ‘Salted Caramel Dream’ and ‘Spicy Cinnamon’ and ‘Cosy Home’ and ‘hey Autumn just threw up on you, actually wait is that a Christmas candle, for goodness sake it’s September 9th.’ Yankee candles can see me coming a mile away, honestly *lights candle humming a carol to self*

10. Baths. I do bath all year round (you’ll be pleased to hear) but baths in the autumn/winter are just extra special, aren’t they? The Halloween range at Lush… cinnamon flavoured bath stuff… sometimes when I’m tramping about in cold, rainy London, and my shoes have holes in so I have damp feet and I have left my 100th umbrella in Pret and the rain is ruining my suede handbag, I think to myself ‘it doesn’t matter, because later on tonight, I will be in the bath.’ And that is enough.

What are you looking forward to for Autumn?


  1. This post makes mes super excited for Autumn (and Christmas!!) Graet post :')

    Neelam | x

  2. Yes to cosy tights and ankle boots! Yes to hot chocolate! Yes to candles! Absolute yes to pyjama-slipper-dressing gown combos!
    Love this post hun <3

    Carolyn x
    Stained Glass Stars

  3. You've literally described all of my favourite things about autumn. I especially love autumn makeup and fashion! :) I also love summer but autumn is just as lovely xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. It's always rubbish when summer ends but wrapping ourself up is fun. All the layers for winter make outfit planning easier too
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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