Friday, 2 September 2016

Life loves this week

This week in the ongoing list of irritating health calamities to befall me this year, I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Literally just sitting watching TV. I honestly don’t know how I manage these things.
Despite that, it’s been quite a good week – let’s go and see why (hint – mostly due to really good TV shows)... 

1. Nails Inc in Covent Garden – this hot pink polish is the first nail polish in ages that has truly impressed me with its staying power and didn’t actually chip in a day! Not bad going. I’m wearing it for the second time in a row, which is pretty unusual for me and means it must be good!

2. This response to this famous Philip Larkin poem ‘This Be The Verse’, which made me a bit teary-eyed and want to give my lovely parents a hug.

3. The weather, and sitting quietly on my balcony for breakfast letting my hair dry in the sunshine, feeling incredibly lucky to have this ridiculous view and just being a bit #blessed, sorry.

4. Re-reading Hamlet. I know how pretentious that sounds and for that I am sorry! I’m not even really a massive Shakespeare person and I dropped it as quickly as I could at university (not all that quickly, English professors bloody love Shakespeare) but I recently re-read Bill Bryson’s history of Shakespeare and afterwards I was inspired to pick it up again. Hamlet has always been my favourite and it’s just quite soothing to read. I don’t know, blimey, next week I’ll probably recommend The Catcher In The Rye. So basic.

5. Watching Joe Wicks The Body Coach on Channel 4. From one extreme to another – but he’s so funny and don’t you just wish you could be that shamelessly ridiculous and go around shouting ‘BOSH’ at people happily and meaning it,  not even being a tiny bit ironic, and not even caring? Joe Wicks is that man.

6. ‘Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared’ on BBC Three. I think this is like England’s answer to ‘Making a Murderer’, although I don’t know for sure because I live in the dark ages and don’t have Netflix so haven’t seen it. But anyway this is a series of 8 very short (15 minute) programmes about the disappearance of Damien Nettles, a 16-year-old boy who went to a house party on the Isle of Wight where he lived, left to walk home, and vanished never to be seen again. Despite being presented by the two most stunning female journalists the BBC could possibly have found, it’s genuinely brilliant – extremely creepy in places and the sort of series that you start watching reluctantly and then find yourself putting on another episode even though it’s midnight and you said you wanted an early night. 

7. Right, here is a weird thing to say on a blog – Specsavers are bloody brilliant. I wandered in there a few weeks ago for an eye test, and they did it – for free. As I mentioned, this week I popped a blood vessel in my eye (can I say ouch) and so I went back in, and once again the most brilliant, friendly optician assessed me and went through a really detailed check and was very reassuring. For free. I mean, I then spent £185 on glasses, but still, that’s not the point, is it? They were excellent and I couldn’t recommend them more.

8. Another TV show (you’d be forgiven for thinking I spent all week watching TV BECAUSE I BASICALLY HAVE) – The Murder of Sadie Hartley on ITV. Oh my god, this was so gripping. I’d read about the murder of Sadie, basically by her partner’s jealous ex-lover, but watching the murder case unfold is fascinating and eerie and it’s just done really, really well. Made me want to be a detective!

9. The Avett Brothers – whole post here. And post-drinks in a pub in Shepherd’s Bush on a Wednesday night.

10. The Great British Bake Off. I shamelessly love this little show to death. I watched it last night with my husband eating fajitas and afterwards I made ‘no bake’ rocky road brownies (recipe here) for a hen do I’m going to this weekend, and it just makes my little heart happy.

11. My little Pickle gerbil, who has been very poorly recently, seemingly turning a corner. We took him to the vet last week and he recommended putting him down, but I just couldn’t do it and I’m so glad I didn’t because over the last couple of days he’s eating again, chewing a toilet roll contentedly and even had a little run around on the floor last night. I know he could go downhill again but in the meantime I just feel a little bubble of happiness every time I look at him!

12. Finally feeling well enough (dizziness, headaches, I’ve had it all lately) to do a proper run last night. It was horrible, obviously, but afterwards it was good!

What have you been loving this week?  


  1. I love The Great British Bake Off! Must check the other shows you mentioned :)

  2. I love Specsavers too! I always get good quality service from them! Xx


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