Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A perfect Autumn Sunday at Pearce's Farm

You know when occasionally you think 'I've really hit peak life, here?' Last weekend I headed back to Hertfordshire, where my family are from, on the most gorgeous sunny Autumn Sunday. I'd just managed to succeed in purchasing Glastonbury tickets, so I was in a really good mood already when I arrived and met my (heavily pregnant) sister and my best friend to head out for some food as a kind of impromptu late baby shower (my friend wasn't able to attend the original one!) 

We headed to Pearce's Farm Shop & Cafe, just off the A10 in Buntingford, with both my sister and friend expressing consternation that I'd never been there before. I couldn't understand what the fuss was about until I arrived...

It's literally the most gorgeous, cosy place in the world - perfect for an Autumn day! We browsed the pumpkin patch for a while in the sunshine before heading in. Initially there weren't any tables inside but luckily it was so sunny that we were happy to sit outside for a drink, admiring the views and the very cute dogs pootling around beside us.

Luckily a table came up just as a cloud came over, and we were taken indoors for genuinely I think the best roast I've ever had in a restaurant (not even CLOSE to my mum's roast, of course, but that goes without saying!) Tender pork, crispy crackling, apple sauce, mash and roasts, and (not pictured) the biggest pile of veg you've ever seen. 

Absolutely stuffed, we walked it off by wandering around the shop, where I was somehow persuaded into buying a gingerbread flavoured candle. I don't know how, I was smells like an Autumn cake, I thoroughly recommend it!

And then we went back to my hometown and sat in a nice cosy pub, the boys came to join us and we drank far far too much white wine (me and my friends) and diet lemonade (my pregnant sister and her husband, who is on potential-driving-duty!) before I went back to London. It was such a perfect weekend and I want to replicate it at Christmas, with a Christmas dinner and a little baby at the table! 


  1. What a lovely weekend :) how exciting that there will be a new baby in the family so soon! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy



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