Friday, 7 October 2016

Barcelona Beach Bums

I’ve loved a lot of cities that I’ve visited over the years. New York is amazing and busy. Paris is romantic and dreamy. Berlin is gritty and cool. But I love Barcelona most of all.

 You know why, when you really push for a reason, that I love Barcelona more than any of them combined?

It has a beach.

When I was younger I thought that you just lived where you lived – like a flower, you were planted there and you couldn’t move. I remember realising that you could move wherever you wanted and staring at my mum, open mouthed, and saying,
‘But then, mummy, why don’t we live by the sea?’
I’m a mermaid child – I love the beach, the sunshine and the ocean and the sea air. Barcelona’s beach has the advantage of being wide, open, and gorgeous. If speckled with irritating people selling rugs and cheap mojitos, but hey, you can’t have it all!

We were a little worse for wear on our final full day in Barcelona so we headed down to the beach. It wasn’t perfect weather, so we ended up going for a long lunch (clue – if you order a four cheese pizza in Spain, it won’t have any tomato on…) and beer (hair of the dog) and then going for a walk around the gothic quarter instead.

Where there are so many gorgeous little shops and I found myself spending many euros on bracelets, anklets, bars of chocolate and other unnecessary souvenirs!

We came back, got ready…

And went out for one last paella – the best one yet, in my opinion.

The next day, we checked out, and decided that as we had all our stuff and it was the most beautiful sunny day, we might as well spend the morning back on the beach!

It’s absolutely stunning. The Mediterranean sea was still warm enough to swim in – in October! – and okay, the beach sellers are annoying, but ultimately sangria is sangria…

I had one of the best sandwiches of my life in the beach bar and we just spent the day lazing in the sunshine like cats basking in the sun. Toes in the sand, salty hair. 

It was an absolutely perfect day and all too soon we had to drag ourselves away, into a taxi and back to cold, cold England. (Although I have to admit I’m excited for Autumn!) But at least we have a tan and some amazing memories. I can’t recommend a holiday with your girlfriends more – pick the people you have the most in common with and head off for good food, good drink and good times! 


  1. Nice post :) Have you ever visited Valencia as well? It also has the 'beach+city' advantage and the beach is waaaay bigger and calmer :D a must visit!

    1. I haven't! Immediately adding it to my list - thanks for the tip! xx


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