Friday, 7 October 2016

Barcelona Touristing – Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Park

On our second day in Barcelona, we decided that rather than walk round the city, we would use one of the tourist buses. I’d done this the last time I was in Barcelona and have also used the one in Dublin, and they’re really excellent – it’s a great way of seeing the whole city, getting some fresh air (the buses are open top) and getting some info about what you’re seeing via the headphones! It’s pricier than a normal bus, obviously (around $30) but it’s worth it if you want to ensure you see everything, and get a bit of wind in your hair!

We hopped on near our apartment and, after viewing the gothic quarter, our first stop was the Sagrada Familia.

This stunning temple, designed by Gaudi in 1883, has an estimated completion date of 2026, the centenary of Gaudi’s death. In 2010, it passed the midway point of construction. I saw it when I visited in 2008, and it was amazing to see it again now, completely different to how I left it! They’ve done so much of the intricate colour work and it just makes me want to go back and see it time and time again!

We didn’t have time to go inside, unfortunately, so we just wandered outside it, and ate baguettes from a local café in the park, before hopping back on the bus.

Next stop – the Gaudi park! Antoni Gaudi’s stunning public parks reflect his naturalistic phase, and the park really does feel at one with nature. We wandered up and up and up for ages – it was hot, but I love a good hike in nice weather, and the views were so worth it!

I one hundred percent recommend a visit here if you’re in Barcelona. It might be a bit further out, but there is so much to see – you could spend hours wandering from one interesting monument to the next, climbing up things, sitting in the shade listening to buskers play their instruments (although we did have to run from a man dressed as a leopard who took a little shine to one of my friends!)

It was a long way back on the bus, but it was so nice sitting in the fading sunshine, listening to the commentary and seeing all the sights – the Barcelona football stadium, the Olympic park and the World Trade center to name a few – that it seemed to disappear and in no time we were back on the marina!

We headed back to our apartment and got ready with more cava for our night out…

Which took us from the gothic quarter for more sangria and an awesome paella.

 Followed by what I would consider to be the best bar in Barcelona.

El Bosc de les Fades is a completely insane scenery bar, which is basically, to put it bluntly…

Full of trees.

You can get jugs of sangria and sit among the trees and waterfalls, literally feeling like a fairy mermaid in some kind of crazy grotto.

What’s not to like?

Well – to be honest, the creepy addition of a new ghost room, complete with floating doll and moving mirror,  is not something I would think was completely necessary!

Right in the centre, just off Las Ramblas, I strongly recommend a visit!

We stayed until closing and staggered off home for, of course, yet more cava, because only boring people go to bed early in Barcelona! 

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