Friday, 7 October 2016

The Crystal Maze Experience

Who remembers the Crystal Maze? *Insert blushing emoji* Not me! Despite being a child of the nineties, I somehow lived my 29 and a bit years with never even seeing the show! But when a girl at work described it as ‘a bit like a better clueQuest’ (you can read my review on that here) I knew I wanted to go. The start date kept getting pushed back, but eventually, after a tonne of crowd funding, Crystal Maze opened in Angel and we were given a date of Saturday 1st October – so at 4pm we all gathered excitedly at the pub! Now, before you go any further, don’t worry – I am NOT going to spoil the experience for anyone going. There are no phones or cameras allowed inside the maze and you wouldn’t want to know – half the fun is the surprise!

Upon entering, you’re given an opportunity to pose in the classic Crystal Maze bomber jackets, but unfortunately you have to take them off before you actually enter as it’s so hot inside – trust me on this, you want to wear a light t shirt, leggings, and trainers- that’s all you need! Once you’re in, you’re given a games master, and then you travel through the ‘worlds’ – Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval – completing challenges that are divided into skill, mental, physical and mystery! We’d planned who would do which beforehand, but it all completely falls apart once you get in and get overexcited! You get a crystal for every challenge you complete and, as on the show, some people get ‘locked in’ as you go round, and you have to pay a crystal to get them out!

The challenges were all completely hilarious, brilliant and mental, and it gave us such a team spirit – it’s a brilliant thing to do with work but would be great with friends too. At the end of course you get to collect golden tickets and the team with the most wins. It’s not really about that, though – it’s about having fun. Having said that – WE TOTALLY WON! Go Blue Team!

I couldn’t recommend the Crystal Maze more – you can find tickets here! Let me know if you’ve been or if you’d consider going! 

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