Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to sneakily celebrate Christmas now, #3

It’s become a bit of a tradition, this post. Every year, as soon as I’ve thrown away my mouldy old pumpkin, I’m overcome with the urge to deck the halls – but am stopped by so-called SENSIBLE people claiming it isn’t Christmas until such arbitrary dates as 1st December (some say 24th December – who are you monsters?) and therefore I am forced to be SECRETLY FESTIVE. Here are my first two posts, if you haven’t read them:

You wouldn't think I'd be able to force any more cheer into November, would you? Aha, my friend, you are wrong. And so, without further ado, here are another, even sneakier 10 ways to bring a bit of festive cheer into your lives without making your nearest and dearest think you’ve, you know, gone a bit nuts and think you’re living in a Home Alone film. Enjoy, you can thank me later when you’re in a secret world of Christmas bliss.

1. Get your hands on some Christmas-scented bath products! I’ve recommended Lush bath products before, but this year you’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking festive body care. Zoella has a new gingerbread range which starts very cheaply (from around £5) and smells exactly like Christmas should. Or if you want to push the boat out, why not consider this Philosophy bath cream – Christmas Cookies? YES. £75 for bath bubbles? You get paid twice in December! What even is money?

2. Buy a Christmas beauty advent calendar. Sure, you can’t open it until December 1st, but the process of looking them up – reading blogs/watching videos to get the best advice, looking at all the websites, going into shops – is almost as good. I think the process of opening a little door each day and being treated to something just adds a tiny bit of luxury to every day. This year I’ve chosen the Tanya Burr advent calendar, which I like the idea of because the make up within it is Christmas-themed – guaranteed to make you feel even more sparkly – plus it’s currently on sale for an insane £12!

3. And on that note – get some new Christmas make up! I’ve recently picked up two new Essie nail polishes – ‘Jump in my Jumpsuit,’ a classic Christmas red, and then this one in ‘Life of the party,’ which is a gorgeous, slightly brown metallic red, which makes me feel like…well, like the life of the party, obvs. Haven’t stopped wearing it all week! A new red lipstick works wonders, too!

4. Go to a pub for a roast dinner. This is a great thing to do on a Sunday, especially if you’re a bit hungover and think a glass of wine would kill your headache dead but don’t want to have one in your pyjamas, on your sofa. If you’re in London, the Southwark Tavern in London Bridge is my venue of choice – you can sit in cosy booths (‘cells’), you can book, and the wine is excellent.

5. On that note…drink champagne when you wouldn’t normally. (Or prosecco. Needs must). I drank champagne on Sunday at a friend’s for dinner and it just gives you that sparkly, luxurious, festive feeling. (N.B. When I say ‘when you wouldn’t normally,’ I mean like on a week night or something. I don’t mean: on your way to work, on the witness stand, when in labour, right after cleaning your teeth. If this Christmas you spiral into mad, champagne-driven alcoholism, I’m taking no responsibility, alright?)

6. Go for a long, cold walk, wrapped up in a coat and scarf. Wear comfortable boots you can stomp through leaves in without fear of getting wet toes (there’s nothing worse than wet toes). Bring children or puppies if you have them, or just like, watch others (in a non creepy way) if you don’t. If you live in the countryside, you’re probably spoilt for choice with stomping grounds. My choice would be Greenwich park, with a long meal in a pub afterwards (oh my god, I’m not an alcoholic, I PROMISE).

7. Do a bit of Christmas baking! No matter what, the smell of baking will always make me feel cosy and festive – and honestly, will people really mind if you make a few mince pies, if they get to eat them hot with ice cream afterwards? I don’t think so…my mum made us mince pies, cookies, and our favourite sausage rolls recently (we always have them boiling hot on Christmas morning) and they went down a treat. 

8. Try out some festive menus. Pizza Express, for example, starts their festive menu this weekend, and obviously a lot of the coffee shops have released not only their drinks but festive food and snacks. I’ve already had the Pret turkey sandwich. No judging here. Even reading these menus gets me in the spirit!

9.  Watch old Vlogmasses. I can’t wait for Vlogmas this year so I’m rewatching some of last year’s! Favourites include Josie (Fashion Mumblr) and Zoella, duh.

10. Buy and write your Christmas cards. Be nice and organised…and also eat a mince pie (or four), and drink a hot chocolate, whilst listening to carols in your snowman pyjamas…I’m getting carried away again…

Enjoy your early Christmas!


  1. I'm currently re-watching vlogmas's too :)

  2. Writing Christmas cards now is a GREAT idea - get it out of the way whilst you're still super excited and not tired out by all the parties and family politics! Also love the fact that it is prosecco season, hooray!!!
    We snuck Christmas into our student house after one of our housemates said she didn't celebrate Christmas until a few days before (!!!) so we started sneakily putting odd decorations up (a bauble pinned high up in the hallway, a bit of tinsel wrapped around the living room lampshade, a chocolate orange left on the worktop...) weirdly, she didn't notice but suddenly got very festive! The wonders of priming... xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


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