Friday, 11 November 2016

Little life loves this week

 This week, I’ve FINALLY started to recover from the flu! If you’ve noticed a bit of an absence over the last few weeks it’s because I’ve been majorly suffering – literally bed bound for four whole days, it has been the opposite of fun and I’m so relieved to be coming out the other side! It’s actually put me in a brilliant mood, so here are the many things I’ve been loving this week…(note the absence of Donald Trump and the John Lewis advert...)

1.  Exchanging on our flat!!! We’ve got the date set, we’ve ordered the sofa…now moving day just needs to hurry up and arrive! I am too excited to finally own a little piece of London and decorate it however I like (any home décor ideas/posts – send them my way!)

2. Baby Gordon. I cannot stop texting my sister asking for updates and photos on what her little baby is up to. We are off home tonight for a buffet at my mummy’s house and baby snuggles, and I absolutely cannot wait.  

3. Going to ClueQuest again for a work day out (read my original experience here) – I did the harder room this time and it was just as brilliant as the first time around. Having done a few other escape room experiences I can confirm that nothing comes close to this one! If you get the chance, do it!

4. Followed by far, far too many glasses of wine in Be @ 1. But you know what, it was so nice to be out of the house and having fun again, that I almost don’t really mind the hangover… almost!

5. Propercorn’s new Twisted Honeycomb flavour popcorn*, which massively cheered up an otherwise flu-filled Monday. Honeycomb. Popcorn. I know. Match made in heaven.

6. Black forest hot chocolates being back in Costa! I adore the Christmas jumper cups this year, and this is absolutely my favourite Christmas drink. Enjoyed at my desk – a perfect cure for the flu!

7. This gorgeous bright red top from New Look which I picked up on my lunch break on Thursday and which I absolutely cannot wait to wear at the weekend with dark wash jeans and heels. AND it's on sale for £11. Run!

8. Finally finishing House *sob*. I can’t believe we’ve watched all eight seasons and I’ll never be able to watch a new episode again! If I’m being honest, I thought season 8 was probably the weakest season (I’m all House & Cuddy 4 lyf) but it was still great and the ending was brilliant. I didn’t cry. Much.

9. Watching this old World At War boxset that my Dad lent me and Ian. It’s an absolutely incredible documentary about the Second World War, with each episode focusing on one element – like the Battle of Britain or the Holocaust etc. It’s just almost unbelievable – and quite terrifying, especially in light of certain political developments – that it happened. Despite being made in the 70s, it’s really not dated (except the accents – and frankly I wish everyone still spoke like an English gent in the 70s) and it’s really well done.  

10. Going brunette again. I loved my ombre hair in the summer, but now that it’s autumn, I just felt like it was looking a bit straggly and sad. I used the Schwarzkopf dye in Cocoa Sparkle and I absolutely love it.

11.  Tea and cake (or diet coke and cake for me) with my parentals at a garden centre. We were both snuffly but it was worth it - I mean, look at that carrot cake! 

What have you been loving this week?  


  1. Those cakes :)

    love the pictures , Have been enjoying new make up and feeling my unborn child kicking like mad :)

  2. The carrot cake does look pretty epic! Sorry to feel you've been so unwell - the events this week definitely don't help! Finishing a series is always so sad but there's always a new obsession to get stuck into :) congratulations on the new arrival in the family! So exciting, I bet you all can't wait for his first Christmas! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  3. So exciting that you've got your own flat!! Can't wait to see how you decorate it :) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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