Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A sparkly evening at the German Gymnasium

This sparkly restaurant right outside Kings Cross Station has been calling to me for a while now, but last night a few girls from my old work and I decided to give it a try for dinner.

We met at the station, which is currently dominated by these gorgeous, sparkling swing sculptures! Normally I’d have a go, but having been out a tad too much lately I thought it might not do wonders for my head… I'm feeling a bit delicate at the moment!

The oddly-named restaurant is a huge building right next to St Pancras. We headed inside, where we were met by absolutely lovely staff who took our coats. The service all night was impeccable and really friendly – one of the girls uses a wheelchair and they were really helpful the entire time and made us feel welcome. I find so often in these places that the staff can make or break the experience and they were wonderful.

The restaurant is split into a ‘restaurant’ section (posh) and the ‘Grand Café’ section (where we ate – a bit cheaper!) Honestly, I think the Grand Café was completely perfect for what we wanted, but if you wanted to push the boat out a bit, head to the restaurant – I’m sure it’d be amazing.

The restaurant is beautiful, and currently completely dominated by this absolutely stunning Christmas tree, which we all tried and failed to capture with our iPhone screens! We ordered the house white wine and it was really nice – dry and crisp – and the waiter consistently topped us up without us having to ask.

We just went for mains, although you can order appetisers for between £8-15. The menu is basically German sausages and schnitzels (although you can order burgers). I went for the Kasekrainer: smoked and grilled cheese pork sausage, with Sauerkraut, truffled potato puree and crisp onions. It was as good as it sounded! The cheese in the sausage made it completely delicious, and I’m obsessed with truffle so the potato puree was also excellent. I just wanted more of it! One of the girls had the hot dog which was also excellent, and a bit bigger if you did have more of an appetite.

In total our dinner, including three bottles of wine between four, came to around £32 each, which I think is really good value for such a nice experience. We followed it up with a cocktail (I’m an espresso martini obsessive); they were £12 each and sadly not the best espresso martini I’ve ever had – but still, it was a lovely evening catching up with good friends and I would thoroughly recommend the restaurant if you’re ever in the area!

Have you been to the German Gymnasium? What did you think? 

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