Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Franco Manca – the best pizza in Britain?

If you’re thinking ‘you seem to be using the festive season to visit every restaurant left on your list,’ you wouldn’t be far wrong. But last year, I ate about 10 Christmas dinners in the run up to the big day and overdid it a little, so this time I’m trying to incorporate other cuisines into my festive celebrating as well. Cuisines like PIZZA.

I’d heard a lot about Franco Manca but never got around to going, so on Monday I met a friend at the Tottenham Court Road branch (which incidentally is practically on top of Goodge St station, if you want an easier route there!) The menu is very simple, with few options – basically six pizzas, a side salad if you want, a couple of wine options and ‘no logo’ beer and cider (I don’t know if that means it’s a label but they’ve taken the label off, or if it means it’s just home brewed. Who knowsss.)

I ordered ‘number 6’ – tomato, cured organic chorizo and mozzarella – and my friend ordered ‘number 2’ – tomato, mozzarella and basil – and we ordered a glass of white and a glass of red.

The wine comes in little tumblers and was very pleasant. We did find the tables a little cramped together, but it was very busy, and the service was good nonetheless.

The pizzas are made from sourdough and cooked in a wood burning oven. They arrived relatively quickly and looked insanely inviting – I mean, just look at that! In fact, I actually didn’t get a picture of the pizza because I dug in so quickly – bad blogger!

The pizza was excellent – really doughy and soft and the toppings were delicious. My one, mild complaint was that there were jalapeno chills in it, which wasn’t mentioned on the menu and meant it was a lot hotter than I thought. I’d also put on a bit of chilli oil, so I was downing tap water by the end! Despite that though, it was so good. Even the crusts were good!

I’m not sure Franco Manca was the best pizza I’ve ever had, but it is right up there at the top of the charts, and at an insanely cheap price (around £6-7 for a pizza) I will 100% be returning when I want another break from festive food!

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