Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ted Baker card holder of dreams

When I was 18 one of my proudest possessions was my Fossil purse. I bought it in Bloomingdales in New York, and it was multi coloured leather and absolutely massive – a huge wallet, literally like the size of a clutch bag, with space for about 100 cards and enough coins to sink a ship. I loved it. I eventually lost it when drunk with an ex boyfriend in a Walkabout – I called them and they said they never found it. I was more upset about the purse than the £50 inside it!

Somehow, slowly over the years, I’ve made the transition from huge purse that doesn’t fit in any bags and weighs a tonne, to a  simple card holder. I don’t know when exactly I realised how much easier it was to carry a card holder – I think it started off as an oyster card holder and then one day I realised my purse was just taking up extraneous room in my bag! For the last few years I’ve been using a rose gold Accessorize one, which I loved but has been looking a bit battered lately. I’d seen so many posts/videos of girls picking up shiny Chanel ones, but that’s a bit far out of my price range – I wanted something in between!

Enter Ted Baker. I adore Ted Baker and have since I was quite young – it’s just the little details the brand make that I think are really special! When I saw this card holder in the Black Friday sale for £17 in John Lewis, I just couldn’t resist – and it was completely worth it (I think. My husband thinks I’ve gone a bit mad). I think it’s stunning. 

It comes in this gorgeous presentation box, and is a beautiful black with the flower print that I think is quite recognisably Ted Baker branding. The print is rose gold, as is all the hardware, and it folds open like a little envelope. The inside lining is this beautiful soft pink leather, with a useful little mirror, and space for all the cards you’d realistically want to carry! All the little added touches make it so nice to look at and use.

It’s also got this cute little quote on it – ‘Your Adventure Starts Here.’ I love the idea of looking at that every morning and it cheering me up as I trudge to work in the cold – it’s true, you never know what’s around the corner or when an adventure is going to happen!

I think this is a beautiful touch that adds a bit of luxury to the every day. What do you think? Do you use a card holder or a wallet? Are you a Ted Baker fan?  

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