Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What it feels like for a girl

Your nails are really dirty, aren’t they? I mean, you do realise neat, polished nails are the sign of a neat, polished person? Oh my god, you’ve painted them blue? That’s so unprofessional. Wow, you’ve gone and got a proper manicure – are you some kind of pampered princess or what? You clearly only care about your looks, how vain. You should care about more serious things, like the world news. Okay, we get it, you're an intellectual - god, stop showing off, it's so boastful. 

Have you got a proper job yet? You can’t just doss around, you know. #GIRLBOSS, remember. Woah, look at you, crazy career woman! You want to be careful, you’ll look like a completely intimidating pyscho bitch and then you’ll never get a boyfriend. Have you got a boyfriend yet? You need to put yourself out there more. Really, Tinder? Are you desperate? Look, it’s the modern world, and you’re a modern girl, if you know what I mean – just shave your legs, put some red lipstick on and get out there! OMG you had a one night stand? What a slut. You can tell you’re a slut from that bright lipstick and short skirt – god, leave something to the imagination won’t you? No one’s going to want to be your boyfriend if you’re that easy.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

My sister’s beautiful wedding

“That's the best thing about little sisters: They spend so much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end they're far wiser than the elder ones could ever be.” 

Almost a month ago now, my little sister got married. It’s funny because people often think Sarah is the elder sister, and not just because she’s taller than me – she has always been, somehow, more grown up, more practical, just generally further ahead in life than I have ever been. But when she got married, just six months after I did, it really did hit me that she is my little sister – my baby sister, and now she’s all grown up.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring Home Decor Wishlist

In one of Sophie Kinsella’s incredible Shopaholic books, Becky Bloomwood notes that you have to rotate your shopping habits to get bored – beauty-clothes-shoes-bags, I think it went. I followed this religiously and it’s only recently that I have very happily added another category to my list –home décor.

When I first moved out, my idea of home decorating stretched as far as buying a new cream kettle from the DIY shop down the road. Now there are so many beautiful shops selling gorgeous homeware that it’s a wonder I ever stop (if you asked my husband, he would tell you I didn’t!) Spring is such a great time for a refresh – they call it Spring cleaning for a reason! – and so here are the bits and pieces I want to pick up over the next couple of weeks. 


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Escape to the Cotswolds

Weirdly, considering I’m obsessed with the quaint, olde-worlde English countryside (York and Cornwall, to name some of my favs) I’d never been to the Cotswolds before – ignoring a very fleeting visit when we went to visit friends in Oxford, and anything that happened when I was five that I can’t remember (I can hear my mum saying ‘we’ve been to the Cotswolds FIVE TIMES!’ but I’m sorry, if you don’t remember it, it doesn’t count!) My husband got a new job and so, with a little bit of holiday to use up, we decided a weekend away was in order. Just us, a little cottage in Chipping Campden, a pile of books and a list of calorific things to eat as long as my arm.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring Wishlist – Pink, Grey & Rose Gold

Spring is my absolute favourite time of year for outfit shopping! I just find the light, bright colours so much more appealing, and even though it’s only March and it’s still freezing in London, I’m dreaming of long, warm evenings in pub gardens and sunny days roaming the English countryside. This month I’m obsessed with wearing greys and nude/pink colours, set off with rose gold accessories. I’ve already picked up these completely bargainous Dorothy Perkins jeans, and they’re so soft and comfortable that I know I’ll be wearing them to death! I’m pairing them with nude shirts on warmer days and high necked knits when the weather is a little less forgiving. I’ve also already ordered these stunning ASOS shoes – hearts, metallics and rose gold – what’s not to love?


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sixth Scent - The most perfect of perfect candles

Yep, that’s right, this whole blog post is dedicated to a candle. I know, who does that? But I feel like, as you’re going to see this candle on my Instagram probably about once a week forevermore, I’d give it a little credit here too.

Sixth Scent Strawberry Shortcake Candles

This is the Sixth Scent candle in Strawberry Shortcake and – just look at it. It looks like a strawberry milkshake, or a strawberry ice cream sundae, or…just all of those good things in the world. Not only is it beautiful, it also smells amazing – exactly like strawberry shortcake – and the scent payoff is perfect; enough that you can smell it in the room, but not one of those sickly Yankee candles that kind of give you a headache after a while. And once again, can we look at it? This is how it comes packaged - err, how beautiful? 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Current Life Loves

Cinderella: proof that shoes CAN change your life


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Blogging Rut

When I started this blog I was 23. It was 2013 and I lived with a flatmate near Clapham, working in a job I didn’t like where I had nothing to do all day. I found blogs through an equally bored work friend – The Londoner first. From my grey desk in grey London I stared jealously at these endless glossy photos of beautiful girls in bikinis and make up on marble trays and I thought, cool, I could do that. I’ve always liked writing – my degree was in English Literature – and I like make up and clothes as much as the next person. Most importantly of all, I had so much time. Nothing but time. So I set up a blog. This blog.
Fresh faced in 2013

Drink Shop Do Hen Do Afternoon Tea!

Arranging my sister’s hen do was LITERALLY HARDER THAN ORGANISING MY OWN WEDDING. Honestly, I mean that! I think my wedding just sort of organised itself whereas a hen do – well, that’s hassle. A list of 17 names, half of which you don’t know, trying to find a date in the vague distant future that isn’t somebody’s Mum’s birthday or the weekend they’re in Prague; fielding endless calls from women who want to charge you £178 per person for a spa day in Essex; reading the small print on accommodation renting websites and wondering if 17 girls drunk on Prosecco really qualifies as a ‘party.’

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