Friday, 13 January 2017

10 Friday Favs

 This week started with a tube strike, a run in the rain, a broken phone and the promise of snow…and yet somehow, I’ve had a great one. I’m just in such a good mood at the moment and I feel like this year better watch out because I’m so inspired to keep working towards my goals, having fun and generally enjoying life. I find it so difficult to admit out loud when I’m this happy because a.) I think it sounds smug and b.) I worry that somehow I’ll jinx it. But as my husband told me firmly this week, if I am ever sad in the future, I’m not going to look back and think ‘Oh, I was really happy back then, I wish I’d enjoyed it less!’ So on that note…

1. Getting work published! This year I really want to focus on my writing – I love my blog, but there are so many other opportunities out there to write and I want to do as much as I can to grab them! I had thisarticle on ‘Things that happen in reality TV but wouldn’t IRL’ published on the Daily Jam – would love if you’d give it a read, and if you want to support me by sharing it, that would be awesome too!

2. Going to the football and watching Aston Villa lose to Tottenham Hale with my husband on Sunday. I’m never going to be a massive football fan but I really do enjoy watching it live and the Villa away fans are fantastic. And then drinking a bit  too much in the pub afterwards and talking about anything and everything.

3. The tube strike. Okay, the actual transport issues were a misery, but reading the tweets about it made it almost worth it. Plus in the end I couldn’t get in and so I just worked from home, wrapped in a throw with a caramel latte, AND did more than I’d usually do in two days. *Fist punch emoji*

4. Shopping. I may have gone a BIT mad this week but I’m so obsessed with all the new season clothing – ruffled sleeves and cut outs and frills in ALL the blush pinks and greys and nude tones. There’s a Missguided post winging it’s way to me and a lovely pair of black suede OTK boots from Lipsy and I’m defs going to look like one of those Instagram style queens by Feb, so it doesn’t matter that my bank account is crying, right?

5. Popping home and seeing my sister’s little baby. I love him more than anything and just a couple of hours of watching him bounce happily in his little chair and trying to wriggle away from my endless hugs and kisses is enough to make my week.

6. And linked to that – a night at my parent’s house. My mum had (obviously) bought a blazer in the sale that ‘she just knew I’d like and we had roast pork and I had a good chat with my Dad and it was all the good things.

7. Feeling like our little flat is really coming together – in time for our house party next Saturday night! I’m SO excited, if terrified. I have bought every single throw I can find in a bid to not get any red wine spilt on our brand new cream sofa. But hey. We paid the extra insurance for a reason, amiright?

8. My phone being fixed. As I said, my phone broke on Monday, but rather than dwell on that, I’d rather think about the awesome fact that I managed to fix it (by getting my work friend to show me how you recover it on iTunes, it’s really weird and I did lose a few videos but hey). And also realising that I can manage without a phone for a few days and so it hasn’t actually become a living breathing part of me is pretty cool.

9. Instagram Stories. I liked snapchat, mostly because of the filters, but about 5 people viewed my snaps and about 10 times that are viewing my stories now and I love it. Plus I love watching other people’s – I could just watch it for ages, little bits of people’s lives. I’m @catscruse on Instagram so do go and follow me if you like seeing bits of London and endless glasses of white wine.

10. Blogilates. I didn’t want to go for a run on Wednesday because no phone = no music, so I did a couple of videos instead and omg, it was SO hard but afterwards I felt AMAZING, so worth it. I’ll definitely be adding these into my routine from now on to shake it up a bit and to get abs of steel (possibly).

I hope you huns all had an amazing week and have the best weekend too. Keep your fingers crossed for my sofa!

Cate x


  1. The blogilates videos are so hard but so good! Congrats on having your work published too lovely xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    1. Thank you!! I know, I'm still aching now! Haha xx

  2. I read your piece and just wanted to say it was absolutely spot-on and very funny. Especially the crème de la met part cracked me up. Goed Job!! I hope you will write many more :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate the support :) and glad you enjoyed it! xx


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