Thursday, 2 February 2017

Cla La Land

Hi huns! I wanted to drop in to ask you all a little favour on a slow Thursday morning. If you’re looking for a new blog to check out, have a little look at Cla La Land. (I know, isn’t that the best name for a blog ever? I’m jealous.)

Clara is a really good friend of mine and apart from being completely gorgeous and lovely, she’s also an amazingly talented film reviewer. Honestly she knows more about film than anyone I know and reading her blog has got me adding at least three new films to my list of ones to watch, despite the fact that I don’t really like films (I can hear her saying ‘What do you even MEAN, you don’t like films?!’ Haha).

We all know how hard it is when you first start a new blog so if you could support her by giving her a follow on Bloglovin’ here and Instagram here then it would mean a lot to me! 

Lots of love,
Cat xxx

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