Tuesday, 7 February 2017

This week I've been...

So I've been thinking about bringing something new to my blog, where I just get a chance to share all the things I've found and enjoyed this week - whether it's a new blog I've been loving, something funny I watched on Youtube, a new perfume I couldn't resist... the little bits and pieces I'd fully recommend you enjoy or invest in, as and when I get the chance to recommend them. A bit like a weekly newsletter, but - not a newsletter!

This week I've been... 

Reading - Alan Bennett's 2016  on LRB. I've finally got around to reading the playwright and author's brief summary of his year. It's always brilliant, but bearing in mind how 2016 played out politically, it's even better this year. It is equal parts clever and moving and funny, and if you haven't read 2015 or 2014 then they're worth a read too. 

Listening to - Bob Dylan's cover of Frank Sinatra's 'I Could've Told You,' in anticipation of the album of covers he's releasing. It's the most beautiful song and Dylan's voice somehow compliments it and makes it even better than the original - I cannot stop listening to it. I feel like my Nan and Grandad might have danced to this, I don't know why. 

Watching - Trainspotting T2 at the cinema. I worked out that I haven't been to see a film at the cinema in nearly three years, which is literally ridiculous, so on Sunday I brushed off my hangover, spent half my rent on pick'n'mix and we watched Trainspotting T2. If you liked the original, you'll love this - it's got lots of little nods to the first film, and the soundtrack is insane (Wolf Alice - Silk was my song of last summer so happy to see that included!) 

Buying - this dress from ASOS because...can I get away with this? I'm nearly 30 - is it a bit Effy from Skins? Let's find out, I guess, but I love it and I want to wear it to Glastonbury in the summer with a denim shirt and black wellies, mud and cider stains. Cannot. Wait. 

Drinking - caramel latte macchiatos which are somehow even better than caramel lattes. Can't believe I never knew. 

Planning - a trip to the Lake District in late Feb/early March. I have actually never been, so can everyone who has please leave me comments recommending places to go, things to do and - most importantly - places to eat and drink?!

What have you been up to so far this week? 


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