Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday Favourites

It’s been a good week! Let’s ignore the part where I’m so hungover that I’m drip-feeding myself a whole box of watermelon, shall we? Good! Onto the favourites!

1.  The fact that the weather has hugely improved this week and it’s starting to feel like Spring. I can go running in just a t-shirt or pop out in the middle of the day for a coffee without putting my coat on and it’s just so nice – I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation!

2. My new Garmin Vivosmart watch – I’ve been wanting to get a GPS watch to monitor my running for ages, and when I saw this one, which is also an activity tracker, it was love at first sight! I bit the bullet and bought it this week and have now been fascinated by how many steps I take in a day and constantly monitoring my heart rate. I’m not experienced enough to know how it stacks up compared to its competition, but for an amateur runner and fitness enthusiast it’s perfect. Although the GPS still goes mental in Canary Wharf and thinks I’ve run at 75mph. Sigh.

3. A midday boxing class at Kobox, which has just opened across the road from my office.

4. Followed by a smoothie. Yum.

5. Rewatching, and introducing my husband, to Arrested Development. I had forgotten how funny and clever this show is and it just kills me every time.

6. Being shortlisted for a flash fiction competition – I’ve mentioned before that I’m really funny about letting people read what I write, so it’s really nice to be recognised for it!

7. Booking a hotel for this weekend so that my husband can easily get to his half marathon, and I can easily get to a breakfast buffet. *Insert pig emoticon here*

8. Being 10 days through the March Dechox – I have to admit, it’s easier when Easter is in April!

9. Thursday drinks with my uni friends for a surprise 30th birthday. We went to Freuds which is possibly my favourite bar in London and then to a place called The Duck & Rice in Soho, where I ate way more than my fair share of satay chicken and I was very happy about it. This may be the reason I am suffering so much this morning. Moving on swiftly.

10. Getting photos of my sister’s baby! His little smiley face just makes me happier every time I see it! 


  1. You're lucky it's getting warmer, I needed gloves to go for a run this afternoon!
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  2. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


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