Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Summer in the city

I’ve got so much to write about at the moment that it’s somewhat overwhelming, because when the weather cheers up the way it did last week, there’s literally nothing you can do to keep me in the house! After a weekend celebrating birthdays I thought I might have a quiet one, but I accidentally… didn’t. But honestly – HOW nice has it been, just to walk down the street in a skirt and sandals and not feel even a little bit cold?

On Wednesday I went to the Gun, which is genuinely my favourite pub in London. We had such a lovely evening, and it gave me the chance to take my new sunglasses for a spin. I know for a lot of people it’s easy to just grab a pair of eyeglasses off the shelf, but if you’ve got a prescription, you know it can be a bit harder and a LOT more expensive! So I thought I’d mention Glassesshop.com where you can buy both prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses online.

I personally bought these beautiful mirrored, reflective aviator sunglasses which I think are pretty timeless and are statement without being too fashion-y (I LOVE super fashionable sunglasses on other people but on me…I think I look a bit mental). They’re a really lovely quality but without being ludicrously expensive – which, if you’re as clumsy as me and you’re always sitting on them/leaving them in Ubers/breaking them in your bag/dropping them in the sea is a really good balance! They also come with a case (although I’ve already lost the case…oops). If you do want to grab a pair, the code GSHOT50 will get you 50% off.

The next day I promised myself I was going to go for a 6k run. But instead I accidentally went for a walk…as far as Canary Wharf, where I met one of my friends for far, far too many glasses of rose spritzers on the river.

Okay, maybe it should stay cloudy so I can actually go to the gym! What did you get up to in the sunshine last week?  

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  1. Nice sunglasses, sounds like you had a good week, the suns been beautiful in London!


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