Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Canary Wharf Weekends

When I first moved to Canary Wharf (nearly four years ago now! Where does the time go?!) a lot of people would kind of give me a weird look when I told them where I lived. It’s the same response we still get now… ‘but isn’t it really dead at the weekends?’

Not only has it NEVER been dead at the weekends (but it is usually quiet enough that you can get a table! Good for those who have always been a bit old at heart – like yours truly!) the introduction of the cross rail and the new shops and restaurants that have come alongside that means there is literally SO much to do in Canary Wharf that you could never get bored of living there (to the disappointment of my mum who wants me to move back to my hometown today!) Recently we spent a whole sunny Saturday and I thought I’d run you through what we did…

First off we had a drink at Smollensky’s in the sunshine. They do table service and you can get a table outside – try doing that in Shoreditch at 2pm! (I also had part of my hen do here and they were really accommodating and lovely – win.)

After a drink we headed off for crazy golf! Situated by Tom’s Kitchen (which I have also visited for many a hungover brunch) there is a completely FREE crazy golf course. Of course everyone became insanely competitive – except me and my friend who were perhaps a little less talented than the others? Or some might say we just let them win…who can say? It runs till six in the evening and is suitable for kids too – well worth a visit.

Next up, we were feeling a bit peckish, so walked over to the new cross rail complex and through the roof garden. It’s so beautiful up there – I can imagine a great place for workers to have lunch! We went through to Giant Robot – basically a big, permanent, indoor street market! They have so many food options, including fried chicken, bao buns and tapas, as well as multiple bars offering ales and cocktails. I ate fried chicken and chips and drank wine – not the most adventurous – I know what I like!

Finally, we wanted a few more drinks so went down to the new pop up Grandstand bar based outside Parlour/Shake Shack (where I also visit on the regular for their delicious cheese fries). The bar is Wimbledon themed and there are big screens dotted around the grass showing the games, as well as friendly helpers handing out blankets to sit on – it’s so cool. If you don’t fancy going to the bar, or after one round as we did, you can just pop to Waitrose and get a bottle of prosecco from the chilled section! The bar didn’t even mind when we asked for glasses and ice!

Generally it was a brilliant day and I hope it goes to show how Canary Wharf has become a really fun place to spend a weekend day- stop telling me my home is dead! 

(p.s. I took all the photos for this blog post on my Instagram stories and forgot to save them except the one at the top...USELESS BLOGGER ALERT...sorry! Follow me @catscruse to see them live!) 

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I've never been to Canary Wharf, but I'm so close so i should probably go sometime.


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