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Glastonbury 2017 – Worthy View

Around this time last year I wrote this post and in it I asked how people do Glastonbury, at least when they’re not 21 anymore and they can’t spend a weekend sleeping drunk in a puddle without spending an entire month in a spa to recover. And this year, HOORAY, I actually figured it out!

Last year’s Glasto was such a hard slog. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I came home exhausted and covered in mud and just genuinely wondering if I was going to do it again. When my friends started the yearly group chat around who was going to get up early for tickets, I honestly considered saying I was out, and when we managed to get them (thanks to my extremely hungover husband, who then immediately slammed the laptop shut and went back to sleep for 3 hours!) I couldn’t tell if I was pleased or nervous. And THEN, one of my friends admitted he was kind of feeling the same way, and we came up with a secret plan to convince the others (who still think sleeping in the puddle is fun and ‘authentic’) that camping at Worthy View was a good idea.

Worthy View (if you didn’t know) is Glastonbury’s idea of ‘glamping’ – basically you pay extra to stay in a pre-erected tents on a slightly different bit of the festival site, and so your tent is reserved. I couldn’t actually find a lot of info on Worthy View, so I thought for any of you who were interested, I’d do a little review and then some pros and cons for you!

We stayed in a pink tent which ostensibly sleeps 8 people in four bedrooms – there were 6 of us which meant we had a storage room, which is nice but not necessary as there’s a big living space too. From what I could tell, you can also stay in yellow tents which are just like big open rooms – which I would’ve been fine with, when I was 22 and me and all my friends used to sleep in a big heap like puppies. Tepees look the same but smaller and are more expensive but you do get to take a cool photo outside a tepee, so there’s that. And finally there are these little shed things that reminded me of hobbit houses and have little bunk beds in – super cute but I personally would find them terrifyingly claustrophobic, so bear that in mind. Maybe good if you had little kids, though.

In terms of where it is, basically walk past the Park Stage and up the hill past the Stone Circle and keep going. People mentioned the uphill struggle – it is a hill, but I timed it and it took literally four minutes to walk up, so it’s not like it’s a mountain or anything. You can make this time faster if you yell ‘FASTER!’ at your male friends and make them race. Also it seemingly takes no time at all at 3am, almost like it never happened…don’t know what that’s about.

Distance-wise, I read that it takes an hour to get from Worthy View to the main stage, but I have no way of knowing, because we never walked directly there without a.) getting distracted and stopping for something to drink or b.) getting lost. But hey, that’s what I read! Realistically, you could only go back once in a day maybe, and most days we didn’t go back at all, so if you are the sort of people who spend all day traipsing backwards and forwards to your tent, you might not like it. We just loaded beers into a backpack and made the boys carry it – a tactic I would thoroughly recommend.

You get a different coloured wristband (which made me feel special) and on the little site there’s also a bar, a couple of food stalls, shower stalls and toilets. There's also a good view over the campsite. 

So in terms of pros and cons:


-          The price. Obviously Glasto isn’t cheap anyway and you have to pay extra for the tent – I think it cost us around £150 per person. But bear in mind that, if you go on Thursday, you get an entire days’ holiday back, and for me that actually meant I saved money!
-          There aren’t enough toilets and the queues get pretty mad, especially at peak times like 9am in the morning when everyone’s just woken up. But the toilets are cleaner, so you win some, you lose some!
-          It’s really quiet at night. This could be a pro if you want to sleep, but if you want to have a tent party it’s a bit difficult without feeling disrespectful. However it’s really not like there aren’t places to party at Glasto, so it wasn’t something we hugely noticed!
 - The bars and food stalls have huge queues at all times, which is kind of annoying. 

-          YOU CAN GO ON THURSDAY. Or really you could go on Friday morning. You can go whenever you like, because your tent is already there and your space is secure. You don’t have to get up at 3am and spend an entire extra day there on Wednesday. I know some people might want to and you can still go in on Wednesday if you want. But for me this was such a huge thing. It saves a day’s holiday and it saves a day’s hangover.
-          You don’t have to queue! We entered on Thursday afternoon and it took us half an hour from car to campsite, but some of our friends did go on Wednesday, and it took them a grand total of 45 minutes. Compared to the hours it can take when you go through the main entrance, this is just insane.
-          Which leads onto – you’re SO close to your car. There’s no trailing through the campsite for hours on end lugging 100 cans of cider on your back because it’s literally a 10 minute walk and so you can do as many journeys as you like. And you can charge your phone in the car. I cannot explain how much easier it was! And waking up at the end of the festival knowing we didn’t have a three hour trek back to the car was inspiring.
-          You already have a tent, and it’s nice, and you don’t have to faff about putting it up, and it’s going to hold up if it rains. And at the end you don’t have to take it down and wonder how on earth it EVER fit in the ludicrously tiny tent bag.
-          There’s loads of space around your tent and you can put a table and chairs up or a rug or whatever and you won’t come back to find a group of 10 boys on ketamine have camped right on top of it.
 - You can shower. I did not, because I just never woke up in time. If you do want to shower, bring a bikini. Everyone knew this except us and my friend had to pretend to be a Glasto hippy who wanted to shower naked! 

So basically, I would 10000% recommend it – we had the best Glastonbury ever and I absolutely loved it. But then I wanted to go in the first place. I guess the biggest testimonial is my husband, who was very much of the ‘it’s not the authentic experience, it’s too far away’ ilk – but admitted to me on Saturday night that not only had he been wrong, but that he ‘wouldn’t go again without staying there.’ Getting your husband to admit he was wrong – nothing is much more satisfying than that! 


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  1. If I were to ever find myself at a festival again, I'd DEFINITELY do it this way, I'm too old for squeezing four people into a two man tent that was put up in the dark these days!


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