Thursday, 17 August 2017

IAAF World Championships

How amazing, shocking and fascinating was this year's world championships?! 

I've got to be honest, when it started I wasn't really sure how involved I was going to get. I absolutely love the Olympics and practically mourn it when it's over because it's just so amazing to watch, but it's partly the variety I like - how you can flick from gymnastics to boxing to horse riding and so on. I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy just watching pure athletics, but as we had tickets to the Sunday night I decided to watch it from the beginning and so quickly I was totally addicted. 

It seemed like it just went from one drama to the next - from Mo Farah's amazing gold at the 10k, to Usain Bolt's controversial bronze and then his breakdown in the relay; to the British relay team winning gold, food poisoning and more!

Like I said, we headed to the Olympic stadium on the first Sunday night. The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic - I've never actually been inside the stadium before (I watched handball in 2012) and it's really incredible. Jessica Ennis was awarded a late gold medal for a previous win, so everyone was feeling really patriotic and we had ciders and it was just a good Sunday evening out! We saw the pole vault final and the women's 100m heats and final, amongst other events. 

Personally, I just find the athletes so inspiring. Not for me to become an athlete, OBVIOUSLY (you are about as likely to see Hero the hedgehog competing in 2020 as you are me) but they just generally show where hard work and commitment can lead you. I've started following a few athletes on Instagram and it's kind of refreshing, amongst a sea of beautiful girls in workout clothing, to see people focusing on hard work and on using exercise as something other than a tool to look good in leggings (not that that isn't a great result too!) If you get a chance to go and see an event in future I really cannot recommend it more. 


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