Friday, 1 September 2017

This week I’ve been…

Ill. But let’s skip over that, shall we? Onto lighter things…

Watching –

Well, the Game of Thrones final, OBVIOUSLY. You can read my thoughts on that particular intrigue over here, if your heart so desires.

Also, the Great British Bake Off. Ohhh I can’t help it – I so wanted to be loyal to Mary Berry and Mel & Sue, I so wanted to start watching and think ‘eh, this is rubbish now,’ and go on Twitter to complain about it – but then the credits rolled and there was the tent and those pretty pictures of cakes and, well… it’s all just… pretty much exactly the same, isn’t it? There’s an old lady fussing and Noel cracking puns and it’s still the cosy old bake off, and I’M SORRY I STILL LOVE IT.

Listening to:

The Serial podcast. The first one, that came out in 2014. Please don’t ask me why I’m always so late to the party that everyone else has left and come back again for the next party. I just do not know. (It’s brilliant though so if you are the only other person in the world bar me that hasn’t already listened to it, do give it a download.)

My Dad Wrote A Porno Season 3 – We had a hungover day last Sunday after a wedding in Ireland, and spent most of it lying on the bed eating sandwiches from the newsagents and cry laughing to this. It is one of the only things that never fails to make me laugh – I even listened to it on the plane to get me out of my normal ritual of mentally going over every episode of Air Crash Investigations I’ve ever watched.

Reading: I haven’t read much this week, but I loved this post from the beautiful Hannah Gale on the gap between what brands want and what bloggers want. I recently unfollowed a whole tonne of stunning blonde girls who do yoga poses on beaches because, well, how is it even relevant to me? I know pretty girls exist. I know they look nice in clothes. I have seen magazines. But these girls could look beautiful in an old towel. I want to see pictures of real people living their lives and saying ‘look, I also think these razors are great.’ Essentially, Hannah Gale articulated all that and a whole lot more, way better than my half-arsed attempt, so go read.

Writing: This blog post, which I wrote on girl code and Mimi Bouchard, and she actually retweeted which made it go a bit viral and it’s now my most-read-blog-post ever and I got very overexcited and felt a tad famous for roughly 2 minutes.

Running: The longest run I’ve done in weeks, on Wednesday night, and it made me very happy. The Aaptiv app is really, really good.

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Lovely. Well this week I've been on the operations "I must get fat" and "I must improve my skin" *rolls eyes* I've also been trying to create reasonable content for my blog.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I wanted to hate it but realistically - the bake off IS SUCH A GOOD PROGRAMME AND THE NEW GUYS ARE SO GREAT AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. xxx


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