Friday, 15 September 2017

This week I’ve been…

This time next week I’ll be in San Francisco, two days into our California-Vegas road trip! Somehow, I’ve felt like this trip isn’t actually happening and so I haven’t made any plans at all – like I literally hadn’t even sorted my visa out, so this week has been a bit of a mad rush to do all that and get a nail appointment and all those important things. But around that I’ve been…


This incredibly hard-hitting article on the heroin epidemic in America. There is one bit of this article that actually made me stop and catch my breath. A long one, but worth it.

I am also halfway through Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography ‘Faithfull.’ I will review it fully on Good Reads when I’ve finished it but as an avid reader of rock star autobiographies I love it so far – it reads like someone who has been so badly dragged through the press that she almost doesn’t care what she says any more. It’s shrewdly honest, incredibly perspicacious and gives a completely different take on what I’ve always thought, to be honest, was a dream life – being a muse to the world’s most famous rock band in the sixties. So if you loved Almost Famous the way I did and kind of always thought you might like to be Penny Lane, you should read it!

Listening to:

I have a (perhaps slightly morbid) habit of listening to people’s Desert Island discs episodes when they die. I just think the format of the episode allows people to be so honest that it’s almost like listening to little eulogies, their words somehow taking on even greater meaning in death. Anyway, I listened to Bruce Forsyth’s episode this week. Bruce Forsyth always reminded me of my Grandad. On Friday nights my Mum would ring my Nanny and Grandad for a chat, but she always had to wait until ‘The Price Is Right’ or ‘Play Your Cards Right’ had finished, or my Grandad wouldn’t answer the phone! Bruce’s episode was recorded in 1996, which was around this time when he was king of the game shows (although already 70 years old!) It’s just like a passport into a completely different time – they talk about the difference between playing games for ‘fun,’ like they did in the seventies, and for materialistic things like a new car – ‘That could change someone’s whole life,’ Bruce notes, with an innocence that just doesn’t exist anymore.
The whole episode is just lovely and it made me nostalgic for a world I’d forgotten – a world without iPhones and reality TV and Instagram, a world where people all sat down together to watch a man shouting ‘You don’t get anything for a pair, NOT IN THIS GAME.’ And really, more than anything, a world in which my Nanny and Grandad are still sitting in their little living room in Middlesex, just at the end of the telephone line.


90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After. This is on TLC and it’s absolute trash, but it’s also so brilliant – my husband found it and it follows the lives of these people in America who met their spouses abroad and went through this insane 90 day period in which they have to decide if they’ll get married or not. This lot did, and the show is about what happens next. Without necessarily meaning to be, it’s a really interesting look on what happens when two cultures collide, on the question of whether or not love really does conquer all, and perhaps most fascinatingly the myth of the ‘American dream.’ But it’s also, let’s be honest, an entire entertaining hour of watching quite hilarious people with very strange ideas shout at each other. Love. It.


I REALLY tried not to go mad shopping for my holiday next week. I honestly did. And then I got sent some discount codes and now I seem to be the proud owner of a summer wardrobe that I will be able to wear for precisely two and a half weeks. Oh well.

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Bryce always reminded me of my granda too. I listening to desert island disc on my commute to work didn't know there was one from him I need to find this

  2. I hope your trip goes amazing!

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    Alessa Bernal


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