Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Health kick

I’m on a health kick this week. 

The last three weekends have all involved nights out that end in Uber journeys home well past 4am, aching feet, and Sundays spent on the sofa curled up under my throw eating takeaways. I’m not going to deny it’s been fun, but with the festive season approaching, I want to take a little bit of time out to regroup before I start my yearly Oliver Reid impression so that I can actually continue to fit into my skinny jeans. 

So if you're anything like me, perhaps the below tips might help you out... 

Crussh smoothies. Not only are all the Crussh shops (there’s one two doors down from my office – a godsend) gorgeous, warm and comforting, but their smoothies are both tasty and so full of nutrients  you can practically feel your liver repairing as you drink them. I’m a big fan of the Fat Burner – I’m not sure I actually believe it’s burning fat, but I do believe it’s better for me than a Starbucks gingerbread latte and on those days when you just don’t have time to get the Nutribullet out, they're well worth a try.

Vital salads. I know I’ve gone on about Vital on the blog before, but there’s a new one just opened up at Tower 42 and it’s revitalised (see what I did there?!) my love for them! You can basically make just about any salad you fancy, including veggie and vegan options (I eat vegetarian food only in the week and recommend the tofu, the roquito peppers and the spicy peanut dressing) – and the staff are all lovely and helpful if you’re a bit confused by all the options. 

Garnier Tissue Masks. My skin is dry at the best of times, so when I’ve only fed it prosecco all weekend it tends to resemble the Sahara desert and sucks up foundation like a sponge! Sheet masks are great because they’re less messy than clay masks and these are particularly brilliant, as they are on sale in Superdrug currently for £1.99 - I bought all three because that seems like a bargain for something which somehow plumps up your skin and makes you look like you’ve spent the weekend hiking in the Cotswolds rather than dancing till your feet hurt in a dingy London club. 

Ginger tea. I've linked the one I'm currently drinking but any brand will do, I buy whatever’s on offer or even once picked up some in Bali which was probably the best I’ve ever had. Ginger tea just feels good for you, stops a cold in its tracks and is deliciously autumnal – perfect for this time of year. You need to brew it for a good four minutes to get a decent taste so don't rush!

Apart from that? You probably already know what to do. Get out for some exercise - I like running or swimming, try a brisk walk if nothing else. Drink your water, eat your vegetables. Tidy up, change your bedding, light a few candles, wear clean pyjamas and get to bed before 9pm. You’ll feel like a new person before December (or next Friday…whenever the bright lights of London next call to you...) 

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