Thursday, 16 November 2017

Laguna Beach

When I was 17 I was completely obsessed with the OC. I thought Marissa Cooper was absolute goals (even though looking at her now she was clearly completely awful) and I couldn’t imagine being more in love with a TV show – until MTV brought out ‘Laguna Beach – the OC,’ all about the supposed real lives of these privileged people growing up in Laguna Beach. Did anybody else love that show? Way back before The Hills when Lauren Conrad had bleached out blonde hair and Kristin Cavallari fought with her over a boy called ‘STEEEE-PHENNNN?’ Watching it now is like a flashback into 2005, when Death Cab For Cutie was the height of cool and everyone wore waist belts. Take me back... 

Anyway. I thought it seemed like the most glossy, perfect, beautiful place in the world, filled with gorgeous people living charmed lives. I made it my life’s mission to visit Laguna Beach one day, and as we were driving right past it on our way to San Diego, I finally got my chance.  

We arrived at about 3pm on a Friday (having accidentally entered via a toll road, which we promptly forgot to pay and cost us a small fortune via the hire car company – oops), parked and wandered down to the beach.

It had been a hot day but had cooled down a little and was that perfect twilight when it’s warm enough to still be out but cool enough to actually do things. And honestly? It was just like my imagination. 

Far-too-beautiful boys with summer tans and blonde-streaked hair played volleyball whilst immaculate girls in tiny bikinis watched and gossiped on the side lines. Perfect looking families with adorable tanned children played on the little parks dotted along the coastlines. All the shops were independent, people sat out in cafes with colourful cocktails and it was just honestly so lovely that it didn’t even feel real.

Ian had to practically drag me away because I couldn’t imagine ever thinking a place was any better than that. 

But then, I hadn’t been to San Diego yet… 

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