Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Monterey Bay Magic

I left you in San Francisco, where we picked up our car to start our winding drive down the 1. We’d ordered some bog standard car, but somehow ended up driving out in a convertible Camaro. 

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

We stopped on the way in Santa Cruz, which is a little touristy beach spot - I guess some people might think it's tacky, but I personally loved it, plus I finally got to paddle in the sea and eat a giant burger - two things on which my happiness generally rests. I'd go, if you're in the area.

 We were only in Monterey Bay for one night and if we went back again, I’d stay longer- at least two. Our lovely friend Clara (blogs here) recommended a place called Casa Munras, which is officially a ‘motel.’ I thought motels meant ‘dodgy,’ like the kind of place Mayor Quimby stays in on The Simpsons, but it kind of seems more like it’s America’s equivalent of a B&B.

Basically, it was really, really nice, a huge room with a cosy fire that I kind of wished we could come back in Autumn to use and gorgeous grounds. TripAdvisor clientele had complained about the continental breakfast, but honestly, I don’t even know what more they could have offered – there were bagels, muffins, pastries, cereals, waffles, coffee – honestly, what do American people even eat for breakfast?! 

It also has a gorgeous little pool and the bar has a firepit in it and it’s walking distance to the old town and harbour. If we went again (and I hope we do), I’d stay there again too.

Monterey Bay is really small but it’s also absolutely gorgeous. At night we went to a brewery and got ‘beer sliders,’ which is this thing they really need to bring to the UK where you can basically just order a whole array of ‘tester sized’ drinks and then you can pick the ones you like (or just order more sliders if you are so inclined). I actually liked some of these beers, which is saying something as I usually associate drinking beer with ‘warm Stella being the only thing left at a house party.’ The beer garden was so pretty, all fairy lights and cool Californian boys and girls in ripped jeans. 

(Nobody dresses up in southern California, I kind of loved it).

By the time we’d finished drinking beer it had got to like 8.30pm and so we just picked a restaurant to eat in at random. We wanted something ‘healthy,’ so we ordered salads, but America…you don’t really understand the concept of a salad, do you? I mean, it sort of undoes the healthy aspect if you put a bag of Doritos on it, but hey – who’s complaining?  

In the morning the weather was beautiful and I went for possibly the nicest run I’ve ever had in my life – I went all the way along the harbour and then actually ran along the sand by the sea for a while (in my head, it was like Baywatch- in reality, let's just say it definitely wasn’t) and then afterwards I jumped into the completely empty swimming pool and honestly, it was like ecstasy. 

The harbour is just so pretty and we wished we'd had more time to get bikes and explore a bit more.

Once we’d pottered about for a bit by the pool, revelling in the fact we could swim outdoors in September, we went and ate crepes in the sunshiney little town for breakfast and then we headed to the aquarium.

Monterey Bay is famous for its aquarium, and although my husband practically fainted at the price (it’s $50 each for adults) it is well worth a visit if you’ve got a few hours. All the fish and sealife are from the local area, which I thought was nice, and it’s impressive – the jellyfish in particular are out of this world, and I recommend queuing (or pushing in front of children…) to see the otters being fed because they are just too cute!

You probably want 3 hours at the aquarium which is why we ended up heading back to our convertible pretty late for our journey to Santa Barbara…but that’s a story for another day…

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful place! It looks dreamy :D I bet that car added to the experience too!


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