Thursday, 16 November 2017

San Diego

I left my heart in San Diego.

To be honest, we left quite a few of our belongings scattered across California – my sunglasses disappeared into the ether somewhere, Ian left his Kindle on the beach – but San Diego, you have my heart. I’d quite like it back please *heartbreak emoji.*

Ian lived in San Diego for a year and to be honest had gone on about how great it was for so long that it had kind of become a standing joke (‘Oh, have you been to San Diego, mate?’) I felt like it could never possibly live up to this picture he’d painted – and yet somehow it did.

In terms of what we did, we were actually pretty lazy in comparison to everywhere else we’d been in California.

We went to a brewery for dinner and then for a long, lazy brunch with some of Ian’s friends and their friends, where I had a ‘mimosa flight’ – basically a Buck’s Fizz flight, or in other words, a chance to drink many flavoured champagnes. Insane. I also ate eggs, although to be honest I was slightly too drunk to appreciate them.

We went for multiple Mexican meals and drank at tiny bars along Pacific Beach, which are all set up to be permanently outdoors – so you can warm your hands over fire pits and stay cosy under outdoor heaters.

We visited Ian’s old university and I tried to imagine him aged 19, skinny and small and nervous with a backpack like the freshers we saw bumbling around the grounds, and we all thought about how much time had passed and how much had changed since we were that young. 

We spent a lot of time on the beach, surfing/paddling and sunbathing, and we went to visit La Jolla cove where we watched the seals laze about in the sunshine and splash in and out of the sea.

I bought touristy gifts – a jumper, California coasters, a t shirt for my little nephew – and we drove down scenic routes just to see the sunsets.

We visited Coronado Island, drove over the beautiful bridge on the way in, gaped at the epic hotel that dominates the island and ate yet more Mexican food.

We ate epically huge, tasty pizza at Pizza Port and played pinball.

I lost my Cheesecake Factory virginity, and ate so much at dinner that I had to have my cheesecake for breakfast, eating it on the balcony of our hotel the next morning.

We swam in the pool, hung out in the hot tub, watched sunsets and ran down the boulevard and slowly, over five days, I just fell in love.

Southern California is pretty chilled out generally but San Diego seems to be on another level. Everyone is friendly, everyone is relaxed. It’s like Cornwall, but forever sunny and that sunshine seems to have somehow imprinted itself on everybody who lives there. It’s quirky and cool and fun and beautiful and I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to work out how to live there.

It’s annoying because I hate to let my husband be right about anything – but on this occasion, I admit defeat.

Stay classy, San Diego.  

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