Monday, 11 December 2017

Las Vegas

AND HERE IT IS, the last of my America posts.  PHEW, because I bet you are all bored to death of me rambling on about how good it was and also it’s so long ago now because it has been taking me an age to get through them all, and looking at the photos and thinking about how it felt to be in the sunshine (sunshine? What is that?) when it is freezing and LITERALLY snowing is a bit too much for me. I want to start talking about hot chocolate and Christmas trees and so on. I did actually think about skipping this last post but I couldn’t finish up without talking about Vegas.

We got to Vegas pretty late at night, having refused to leave San Diego until the last possible minute and then stopping at a weird petrol station in the middle of the desert, where the man couldn’t stop talking to me as if he hadn’t seen a real live person since 1982 and I felt a bit concerned that I was in From Dusk Till Dawn. We stayed at the Encore at the Wynn, which was SO beautiful – probably the most glamorous hotel I’ve ever stayed in, with an insanely huge pool and obviously a large and expensive casino.

When we got to the reception the girl gave us a huge, fake smile and said ‘so, did you guys want a smoking room?’ To which I was like – no, obviously not (everyone smokes indoors in Vegas – it is so weird), and she said ‘oh…okay, it’s just we’ve actually run out of the rooms you booked.’ Slight pause, while she looked at us, in our beach shorts and covered in sand, next to the glam black tie guests in the queue behind us. ‘I guess I could process an upgrade…’

Long and short of it – we ended up on the second-to-top floor in the most insane suite I’ve ever seen. When we left, my husband said to me ‘say goodbye to the nicest hotel room you’ll ever stay in!’ – so there’s that.

On our first night we explored some of the casinos, played the slot machines, drank wine and ate pizza. I also discovered that getting anywhere in Vegas genuinely takes about ten years because even if you can see a building and it looks like it's right across the street, it will inexplicably divert and you just CAN'T get anywhere. It is a city built for cars - I did about 30,000 steps a day (which I made up for in wine). But equally everywhere you go there is something weird/cool/fabulous you want to stop and look at. It's mad, but it's brilliant. 

 Then on our second day we met one of Ian’s friends who actually lives in Vegas (yep, people live there!) – she was amazingly cool and took us to bars in downtown Vegas, rather than on the strip, which I’m really grateful for because it was so much fun and I would never have left the strip otherwise. We ended up having the best night – we went to about 3 different bars, and wound up in a karaoke room. Then she left because she had to go to work the next day (seriously - what a machine), and Ian and I carried on in a casino, where I learnt the valuable lesson that you can’t really play Black Jack so well if you’re too drunk to count to 21. It was a late one.

The next day I had one of the most insane hangovers of my life – I was just wandering round our hotel room (freezing because it had some insanely complicated panel type affair and I couldn’t manage to turn the air con down) moaning to myself and begging the god of hangovers to bestow on me some paracetamol. LUCKILY Ian woke up, force fed me some water, a cookie and ibuprofen he found in his bag, and I fell asleep listening to a podcast and woke up feeling semi-human. But I do understand why The Hangover is set in Vegas. Blimey. If a tiger had wandered across my path I would've just been like 'got any pain killers, hun?' 

We lay around by the pool for most of that day – I ordered a tonne of food to my lounger, which was amazing – and then somehow we got dressed and went out again (when in Vegas…) We went for cocktails, ate steak, and then we had tickets to the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show, which was honestly SO GOOD. I know the shows in Vegas are expensive, but it was honestly insane. You’re not allowed to take photos but I wouldn’t want to anyway because I wouldn’t want to ruin it. Just go, if you're there.

Afterwards we went to the Cosmo and had drinks inside a chandelier, but then my hangover finally took over and I wimped out and went home to bed. On our last morning I went shopping – the shops in Vegas are also brilliant.

Overall we had an amazing time but I do want to go back – I feel like I didn’t do even a quarter of the things I wanted to do there, like go on a ride, do more gambling, go to a pool party, see more of the casinos and so on, plus I LOVED Ian's friends and I want to go out with them again! We had such a good time with amazing people and it made me even more sad to get on the plane home. Where, can I just say, I got a nose bleed and completely grossed out my fellow passengers. #sexy, I know. 

Can someone buy me a one-way ticket back now? Hmmm? Anyone???  

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