Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Ten Favourites This Week

I know – I’m posting this on a Thursday and it’s weird! I normally post my favourites on a Friday, and I know some other people post them on a Monday, but, as I said in this post I wrote earlier in the week, I am going to try and just write what I want to write, when I want to write it. And I haven’t written a weekly favourites post in ages, and they are some of my favourite (lol) posts to write as well as to read. So before you actually die of boredom from listening to me waffle on, HERE ARE MY FAVOURITES THIS WEEK (SO FAR)! (Cue fanfare).

1. Watching The Sinner. A friend told me to watch this and I was all like ‘nah babes, I don’t have time in my life for a new series, MasterChef is on right now.’  But then I also heard Pandora Sykes recommend it on my favourite podcast, The High Low, and then my husband and I had an unexpected free day on Sunday when the snow meant my lunch plans were cancelled, so I thought okay, let’s give it a go. And in conclusion -  we watched the entire 8 episode series in one day. 
The series is basically a ‘whydunit’ – a seemingly completely normal woman (Jessica Biel, wearing a permanently disturbed expression but still looking beaut), stabs a man to death on the beach one day and she and a detective work together to figure out why. Despite a couple of (slightly glaring) plot holes, IT IS EXCELLENT. The penultimate episode is so good that I had to get up and start frantically doing the washing up because it made me so nervous I felt sick. Trust me, WATCH IT.

2. M&S party food. On our Sunday snow day I wandered up to the shops completely planning on making us some kind of Christmas-themed roast dinner but ended up getting carried away in the party food selection (the veggie selection is really good) and we had that for dinner instead and it made me v happy. I then made us a veggie Christmas dinner last night and that was also excellent - I actually think I prefer the quorn roast joint to actual turkey. I did accidentally make up an entire box of stuffing, so there's that. I will stop talking about food now (briefly). 

3. My ‘advent exercising’ – so to explain, on the 1st December I somewhat madly made a promise that I would hit my step goal and exercise for half an hour, every day, until the 25th December. So far, astoundingly, I’ve actually done it. Even though twice that has meant getting up at 6am to go to the gym to fit it in. IN THE DARK. I'm basically a fitness blogger - someone immediately send me some free protein powder (DON'T, I will have no idea what to do with it). Some days the exercise is just a half hour power walk, but it means I get some air, and it’s genuinely making me feel really good – I’m half wondering if I could keep it up next year…we shall see. I’m sure it’s not much of a match for all the mince pies I am eating, but every little helps.

4. Manicures – I got my nails done (a nice bright Christmassy red, which my manicurist crossly told me was silly because I’ll need them done again before Christmas – she obviously has no clue how long I can eke a manicure out for) and my toes are dark red with sparkles, and even my husband said they looked nice.

5. Hanging out in our health club – TBH it’s not often that I DON’T feel grateful that the gym in our complex has its own health club, but due to the consistently sub-zero temperatures I have basically moved in there. Essentially if you can’t find me, I’ll probably be in the sauna.

6. Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Table. I adore Nigella at all times of the year, but I’ll be honest – I start sneakily watching her Christmas videos on Youtube long before it’s socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas. I’ve got her Christmas book (I used it this year and have made a giant, glistening Christmas pudding which I’m sure will never be finished) and I’ve enjoyed every single episode of her latest series, but when I saw there was going to be a Christmas special I practically collapsed in excitement. I saved it up for a cold Tuesday night when my husband was out - I had a bath, put fluffy pyjamas on and then literally savoured every second of it, and it was perfect. Nigella pouring double cream into dulche de leche and then putting salt on top. The dream.

7. Finding a dress I'd bought from Missguided but had to return because I'd bought it in the wrong size had come back into stock in the RIGHT size, AND was now half price. It's the little things.

8. Going home to see my family - I haven't seen them since our little trip to Kent (which I alluded to here and really must blog about), and I miss them too much. 

9. A random Monday lunchtime in Las Iguanas, Spitalfields - I love Las Igs, I think it's such a truly underrated restaurant. They do amazing deals, you can get a great variety of food (including loads of veggie options) and the restaurants themselves are usually really cosy with friendly staff. The Spitalfields one in particular is great because it looks out over the market so you can people watch and it was just nice to escape the office for a bit and eat a giant burrito. Oh, wait, I said I'd stop talking about food, didn't I?! That lasted a long time... 

10. THE SNOW! Okay, so it didn't exactly settle in London (except on the roofs), more formed an immediate unpleasant and mucky slush, and I spent the day wishing I was in my hometown with my parents and my baby nephew so I could a.) play and b.) take cool Instagram photos - but still, it was very exciting nonetheless.

I feel like there's loads more I could mention but it will wait... till next week! 


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