Friday, 12 January 2018

10 Friday Favourites

I was going to make some sort of rash promise to put one of these posts up every week, all year, but I know that would probably last as long as my New Year diet (i.e. just long enough for me to get distracted by a nice glass of wine!) But I do like writing these - I feel like they capture little moments in time, and I like reading other people's, so I'm going to try and make them as regular as I can. 

This week in particular has been a strange one for me, as it's my last week in my old job. I've been working for my current employer for three years now and today I looked back on the post I wrote when I actually got the job. (First off, my blog was appalling back then! Why did I post all those blurry photos?! Unforgivable.) Even though it feels like forever ago, I still remember the excitement and the anticipation - how much I was looking forward to having a new challenge, being able to start over and give it my all. Honestly, it has been a really positive experience overall - I've been promoted, managed a team and generally gained so much more confidence in myself. I've also made some friends that I think I'll hang onto for a long time, if that's alright by them. 

I think it's natural to feel a certain melancholia when leaving somewhere you're so familiar with, even when you know it's the right decision - and I do, I really do; the new job sounds perfect for me and it'll give me new experiences, but more than that, I know I'm just done here - too much has happened and my heart just isn't in it anymore. But I did feel sadder than I expected to leaving the building and I know I'll always look back on my time here fondly. 

Also, I am typing this on the train back to see my sister, on my only day off between jobs, because I planned to write it last night but instead ended up watching a programme on Channel 5 about people who have too many children or something. So there's that. But I have Diet Coke and I just found a necklace in Accessorize that I've wanted for ages for £4.50, so it's all good. 

ANYWAY. Enough rambling - on with the favourites!

1. An impromptu date night with my sister for wine and dinner in London – now that she has her little boy, we don’t get to spend much time just the two of us (I am not complaining about this – he is literally the light of my life, but he is also somewhat distracting because I have to constantly interrupt my own stories to point out how cute he is) so it was really nice to have grown up chats over wine and too much Mexican food. I have raved on about Las Iguanas many a time before, but I had prawns and then veggie chilli and we shared churros and there was wine and honestly, it was delicious. Particularly because it was spontaneous and I had been planning a boring stir fry. 

2. Finding the caramel teddy bear coat I wanted in the sale. I could not have ordered it quickly enough and I can't wait for it to arrive and to snuggle up like a cosy bear. (Side note - my husband said 'Don't you have enough coats?'  -and then suggested a one in, one out system -  I may have to file for divorce.) 

3. Wearing a new dress from Topshop which I bought in the Black Friday sale and forgot about (okay maybe my wardrobe is a BIT full) and it's floral and flouncy and also a size smaller than I normally wear, which is always encouraging. 

4. Doing a massive food shop (the first one since Christmas) and having a whole fridge full of dinner options - last night I made a coconut stir fry and tonight I am making a cannelloni and yes, I know I sound like I am 1001 years old, but these things make me happy.

5. Finding The Elle Next Door's Youtube. This girl is brilliant - so bubbly and full of life and her hauls are actually realistic for a normal person (I'm all about that aspirational lifestyle, but if I hear one more Youtuber say something like 'Right, so this simple white t shirt is from Whistles...a little bit pricey at £576267575...but I'll get loads out of wear out of it, a really lovely piece!' I might scream. Elle is funny, down to earth and has amazing style, and I am very happy to add her to my roster. Roster? Is that right? Let's go with it.

6. The amazing gifts my colleague got me when I left work - including a gorgeous Sheaffer ballpoint pen and the most BEAUTIFUL coaster from Anthropologie which I have wanted forever (pictured above). There was also caramel latte syrup for my coffees and some Hotel Chocolat Caramel Puddles which err I can't put in the photograph good reason. 

7. Finding a pair of boots in Primark for £3. £3!!! Less than a Starbucks! Should've bought two pairs (I actually thought about going back to do this but I was having one of those days where your tights keep falling down - literally like having to hitch them up every ten seconds - and the idea of going back through Primark was just too much. You'll be pleased to hear I did also buy some new tights). 

8. Finding out Donald Trump isn't coming to the UK for some made up reason which you can basically sum up as WE WOULD THROW EGGS AT HIM. 

9. Planning in my beautiful calendar - did you know this Saturday is officially 'National Sticker Day?' Apparently so, which I have used as an excuse to decorate my planner with all the cute stickers that come at the front. But anyway, I am determined to be more organised this year and not constantly annoy everyone by being double booked/exhausted from squeezing 9 things into one day. I  really like this planner so far but I'll keep you updated.

10. Muller light yoghurts. I know, I've kept the most exciting one till last, haven't I? But for breakfast I've just been having the yoghurts with some frozen berries heated in the microwave and it's my new favourite thing ever. Look, I didn't promise these would be exciting!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend - wish me luck for my new job next week! 

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