Monday, 15 January 2018

Sourced Box Review - How to snack healthily!

My name is Catherine and I am a snackaholic. 

There, I said it. I know it’s bad, but I honestly seem to snack more than I even eat meals. Having started a new job this week, I need to leave the house early – but I still somehow manage to snooze my alarm five times before I can finally work up the willpower to crawl out of my warm, cosy bed into the shower. Which sadly leaves me just enough time to grab something to eat on the train, rather than making myself the delicious eggs-and-avocado on toast I really feel I DESERVE to have for breakfast. Equally, lunchtimes can involves calls and meetings and so while I’d like to tell you I always take the time to eat something filling, I often just grab a salad at Pret – leaving me starving (I mean, not literally, after Christmas trust me when I say my body has some stores it could happily work through) and reaching for the biscuit tin. 

I say biscuit tin because it’s always so hard to find healthy snacks. My mum would say ‘if you’re hungry, eat an apple,’ but…it’s not always exactly the first thing you think of, is it? Plus they’re really crunchy and you have to look around apologetically if you eat them on the train. So I started a little search for snacks that were tasty but wouldn’t leave me applying for weight loss surgery, and that’s where I came across SourcedBox

Created by three fitness Youtubers (including the gorgeous Niomi Smart) SourcedBox is a subscription box which allows you to try out a huge range of healthy snacks that are quite hard to ‘source’ (gettit) elsewhere without committing to buying a whole box of them. I bloody love a good subscription box (I think of it as like receiving a present to me, from me, once a month) and I think this is just such a good way of getting a range of healthy snacks into your life. I’ve received around 4-5 boxes now and they’ve always had such a good variety of tasty, healthy items that I wanted to just give them my seal of approval. 

The snacks are always  vegan and many are gluten free too. They are usually high in fibre and protein and some are low calorie but the great thing is the variety. I can usually find something I want to grab if I just fancy a taste of something before dinner (such as dried fruit or kale chips in this month’s box) but equally I can often find something to refuel when I’ve got back in from a long run (like the protein booster bar from this month’s box – which if you look very closely at the photo above, you might be able to see I’ve already munched up!) There are some brands I have heard of, such as Ugly drinks and Nakd, but also many I haven't and have really enjoyed trying out.

 I  genuinely think it’s a great idea and for £18.95 a month I also think it’s a complete bargain – I mean, you’d spend that much on a couple of Starbucks! So if you’re looking to get healthy this year, you’re doing Veganuary or even if you just fancy something a bit different to replace your morning Twix – give SourcedBox a go!


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