Tuesday, 27 February 2018

24 hours in Brussels

To start with, a quick disclaimer, because if you follow my Instagram you might be thinking 'hang on, wasn't she in Brussels for about six weeks?' Whilst that's a slight exaggeration, I was in Belgium for a week - but a lot of that time I spent working, and we also visited Bruges (post coming shortly). So I actually only spent around 24 hours exploring Brussels itself.

Another slight disclaimer - I think 24 hours, or maybe 1-2 nights, is probaby long enough, if you're looking for a rough guide. Brussels is a really pretty city and you certainly could spend longer (especially if you happen to be luckier with the weather than we were), but you won't feel rushed if you haven't got long.

And FINALLY, just in the interest of disclosure - I did not pay for my hotel, but equally I am not obliged to say nice things about it - I'm just going to anyway because it was very nice.

Alright! With no further rambling - here is how I spent 24 hours (ish) in Brussels!


Friday, 23 February 2018

Life loves lately

So this week, I ran a work course abroad (which if you follow my Instagram I'm sure you'll be tired of hearing about, so I'll stop mentioning it!) I was in Belgium for just over a week, and while it was great and we got to explore lots (blog post coming soon I promise) it was also just so amazing to get home. This blogpost isn't strictly a Friday Favourites post - more just a little ramble about the things I've been loving lately. So let's get on with it!


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

For when you're having one of those days

This morning when my alarm went off I thought it was a mistake. Not, like, ‘oh, I’m tired, I probably should’ve stopped watching Peaky Blinders before 11pm.’ More like – oh dear, how did I set my alarm for 2am when it is clearly not time for any human to emerge from slumber? Perhaps my iPhone has malfunctioned; perhaps I rolled on it in the night (because I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow, which I know is not a healthy relationship to have with your phone; we are working through our co-dependency thank you).

But it wasn’t 2am, it was 7am. So I got up. And if this were a story being told to you by my Mum, she would tell you I got up on the wrong side of bed.


Monday, 5 February 2018

10 Weekly Favourites!

Okay people. It's alright. January is over. I know, I know it's been dragging on for so long that Wednesday felt like January 78th. I know we all have no money, we are sick of the gym, tired of not drinking, fed up with staying in. But we can come out of hibernation now! February may still be cold (it is England, after all - I mean, it's cold in August) but there's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. There's Valentine's Day, which is - if nothing else - an excuse to buy yourself chocolates and clothes with hearts on (I'm buying these tights as soon as I'm done writing this blogpost) and there's PANCAKE DAY, aka the tastiest day of the year. All those boring people doing Dry January (who I actually believe all failed at work drinks on the 12th but felt guilty and have pretended to carry on nonetheless, so now have no sense of achievement AND have been bored every weekend for four weeks) want to go for wine again. And finally, February is SHORT. Spring will soon be springing. I am HAPPY. Here are the other things that have been keeping me happy this week:

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