Monday, 5 February 2018

10 Weekly Favourites!

Okay people. It's alright. January is over. I know, I know it's been dragging on for so long that Wednesday felt like January 78th. I know we all have no money, we are sick of the gym, tired of not drinking, fed up with staying in. But we can come out of hibernation now! February may still be cold (it is England, after all - I mean, it's cold in August) but there's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. There's Valentine's Day, which is - if nothing else - an excuse to buy yourself chocolates and clothes with hearts on (I'm buying these tights as soon as I'm done writing this blogpost) and there's PANCAKE DAY, aka the tastiest day of the year. All those boring people doing Dry January (who I actually believe all failed at work drinks on the 12th but felt guilty and have pretended to carry on nonetheless, so now have no sense of achievement AND have been bored every weekend for four weeks) want to go for wine again. And finally, February is SHORT. Spring will soon be springing. I am HAPPY. Here are the other things that have been keeping me happy this week:

1. SUNSHIIINE - I mean, not the Maldives, golden-tan type sunshine, but like - the sun has come up this week, unlike the rest of January which was blanketed in grey gloom. I have woken up early for work most of this week and had my coffee watching the sunrise (although not ON the balcony, it is quite substantially too cold, as I quickly learnt). I am not really okay with the fact it's meant to get freezing again this week, though. That is absolutely not a fav.

2. The song 'Put Your Money On Me' by Arcade Fire. My husband (got to give him credit when due as it is so rare, haha) played me this at the weekend and I have played it 100000 times since. I don't know how I missed it when I first went through the new album, but I am now obsessed.

3. Ordering this t shirt from H&M and this belt from ASOS to try and attempt to do a Gucci wardrobe on a Primark budget. Both were recommendations from Instagram - the t-shirt from the ever gorgeous @jesschamilton and the belt from lots of people but I finally snapped and bought it when I saw it on @bethsandland. Both worth a follow although I'm sure you all are already! Anyway, you know when stuff turns up and it just fits and looks exactly like you want it to? That.

4. The new Leon squash, sage and kale salad. Eaten for lunch on a sunny day at my desk, with a diet coke. I don't know how Leon make vegetables taste so amazing - I can only imagine some kind of magic - but this is the sort of thing that really cheers up a Tuesday.

5. My new job. I don't know if it's lame to go on about how much you love your job, but it's such a novelty to me to be this happy at work - long may it continue.

6. Having some really nice dinner and wine on Wednesday night followed by seeing the Buffalo Skinners again - they are such a good band - if you like folky rock then you'll like them, give them a listen!

7. Talking myself out of buying a necklace on the Topshop website only to walk into the shop and find there was one left AND it inexplicably came up £2 cheaper than it was supposed to. I mean, if that's not fate, I don't know what is.

8. A great night to celebrate the gorgeous Cla La Land's birthday at Piano Works on Friday night - Prosecco and cake and friends, what more do you need?

9. Followed by a spontaneous Saturday night out with friends for Vietnamese and far, far too much white wine in Shoreditch. Sometimes the last minute nights are the best.

10. And then spending an entire day in my pyjamas on Sunday watching terrible yet great TV - everyone should be watching 90 Day Fiance and if you haven't seen Channel 5's 'My Mum Is Hotter Than Me', you haven't lived! But to make up for that, we watched an absolutely fantastic show on BBC1 called 'Love and Hate Crime' about a man who shot a woman and filmed it - it goes into his motivation and it's just all sorts of fascinating.

I'm excited for a new week - seeing some friends for lunch and in the evenings and then this weekend I am home to see my baby nephew who I miss SO MUCH! I cannot wait. Have a lovely week everyone.


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