Friday, 23 February 2018

Life loves lately

So this week, I ran a work course abroad (which if you follow my Instagram I'm sure you'll be tired of hearing about, so I'll stop mentioning it!) I was in Belgium for just over a week, and while it was great and we got to explore lots (blog post coming soon I promise) it was also just so amazing to get home. This blogpost isn't strictly a Friday Favourites post - more just a little ramble about the things I've been loving lately. So let's get on with it!

Reading - I've been reading Any Human Heart by William Boyd. Reviews of this are really mixed, which I find strange because I think this novel is astonishing. I haven't finished it yet but to give an overview, its the diary entries of a Logan Monstuart - starting with his days at boarding school in the 1920s and following him through his life as he tries to become a writer. It is caustic and searingly honest and genuinely funny as well as pretty easy to read, so if you're looking for something to get lost in, pick this one up.

Watching this Ted talk by Mel Robbins on how to stop screwing yourself over. If you're having a wobbly moment, or you're feeling frustrated and like you might never achieve your goals, I thoroughly recommend you watch this. And then get out of your own way.

Getting home on Wednesday night to a clean flat and a bunch of flowers from my husband. I made a veggie pad thai, had a bath and watched 90 Day Fiance in my Disney pyjamas and I can honestly say I've never felt so content.

Doing a little Instagram cull. A few weeks ago, I listened to the lovely @bethsandland Instagram stories and she talked about honesty in relation to sponsored Instagram posts, and how you should really only follow people you trust and support their content. And it really made me think. There's a lot of people I just followed a long time ago because when I first saw their feed I thought 'oh, that looks pretty,' or because they seemed to be on holiday all the time or because their outfits were cute. Not necessarily because I connected with them on any level or because I thought they had anything particularly interesting to say. And it's like... you wouldn't hang out with people just because they were pretty, or because they went on nice holidays or had nice clothes, would you? And yet you are letting these people clog your consciousness online, all day long. So I went on a little unfollowing spree of anyone who I felt fit the above category and my feed is so nice and feels so friendly and clean and inspiring as a result. I recommend it (don't unfollow me).

Eating lunch at Natural Kitchen. This is a small change of deli style restaurants located in London and I just wanted to let you know, if you're near one, that their haloumi cheese is the best haloumi cheese I have ever had in my life and that if I could, I would LITERALLY LIVE ON IT. That is all.

Buying this jumper. I have been looking for the perfect slouchy off the shoulder jumper forever - it seems easy, there are hundreds out there, but they always feel cheap or the jumper falls right off or the neckline is too tight... this one is my dream jumper. It's soft and cosy and the neck is exactly the right shape, and it has balloon sleeves and is my perfect shade of pink. Plus it's £34! You can size down slightly and they still have M and L left - go go go.

Getting a Dyson hoover. Right, I know how sad this is, and also spendign £200 on a hoover (we did, admittedly, have a £100 John Lewis voucher, but even so - I could've spent that on make up and perfume you know) did break my heart a little - but this hoover has changed my life, and even more importantly my bedroom floor. I malt everywhere (long haired girl problems) and our old hoover, which was perfectly happy picking up dust in the living room, was really incapable of tackling our bedroom carpet. Within five minutes it honestly looked like we'd recarpeted. Amazing. I'll stop.

What have you been loving lately?

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