35 before 35

1. Feel happy about my body

2. Run a 10k. Then a half marathon. And then a marathon. 

3. Go on a safari and see a giraffe in the wild

4. See a TV show live

5. Eat at a two Michelin star restaurant

6. Own a cat.

7. Go skydiving

8. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz

9. Be on a quiz show!

10. Get my nails done at Dry By London

11. Write a book. 

12. Learn to speak Spanish

13. Go on a skiing holiday, have hot chocolate and fondue and wine up a mountain and get drunk in a hot tub 

14. Learn to scuba dive

15. Make homemade pizza and eat it on the balcony

16. See the northern lights. 

17. Have a house party, like the ones out of Skins

18. Party in Vegas

19. Own a bright red Mulberry handbag

20. See a West End show

21. Go to a blogger event/awards show

22. Drink a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne

23. Join an exercise class - and actually go

24. Go glamping and make my own dinner on a camp fire

25. Stay in an overwater bungalow

26. Go to Ibiza and dance in a mega club

27. Raise money for chairty

28. See Hamlet at the Globe

29. Fly first class

30. Go to a ball in a ballgown 

31. Leave a note in a library book 

32. Go wine tasting 

33. Own a house with a huge farmhouse style kitchen and make my own bread in it 

34. Own a personalised champagne bottle 

35. Have babies, live happily ever after


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  1. I love this list. The last one is super cute. Good luck! X


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