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This photo does not really look like me but it is I promise

English literature graduate, qualified accountant, working as a coach and keeping up a blog to indulge the part of my life that wants to feel a little less taxman and a little more paperback writer.

The corporate stuff:
  • I'm Catherine. I'm married, but I use my maiden name for writing so that if I ever write an award-winning novel or become editor of Vogue, people I didn't like at school will know it is me.
  • I do some work on the side as a freelance journalist so, if you want me to write something for you, email me on the address above. I apologise for my email address. I created it when I was young and thought it was fun. 
  • I have been published on a number of websites and worked with the BBC following one of my articles to contribute to a documentary on Immigration (which was cool but also REALLY SCARY). You can read them on my portfolio here: https://catherinecruse.journoportfolio.com/  
  • I have an English Literature degree but ended up working in tax. You can read more about that here. Don't email me about doing your end of year tax return - trust me, you do not want this. 
  • My blog name was supposed to be funny and a riff on the Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I no longer find it particularly funny and I wish I'd called it something else but changing a blog URL seems COMPLICATED AND HARD. In answer to your question, no, I do not consider myself to be a hipster, nor do I especially know what one is. Soz if you are a hipster and came here for a detailed how-to guide.
The incorporate stuff: 
  • I live in London, just like everybody else (or so it seems when you try and buy a drink in a pub on a Friday night). I love it, despite harbouring secret dreams of living on a farm with seven chickens and growing my own vegetables.
  • I am 30 going on 18. Refusing to accept that three drinks can give me a hangover on a school night since 2014. 
  • Likes: a good TV documentary. Sunny festivals. Caramel lattes. Long walks ending in warm pubs with cold white wine. Musing on the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. Discussing politics loudly when half cut. Park runs. The word 'recalcitrant.' Writing, a lot. 
  • Dislikes: The Kardashians. The Chuckle Brothers (creepy). People who overshare on Facebook, especially with photographs of their children. The phrase 'Brexit means Brexit.' Pub quizzes that have extra competitions at the end, like it's not enough that you could name the king that came after Charles I, you now have to play 'The Price Is Right' to win a fucking £50 bar tab. Cafes that put own-brand ketchup in Heinz tomato ketchup bottles (it's the lies, it's the lies I can't stand). 
  • My favourite insult is 'knobber.' Does NOT get used enough. 
  • Once my husband and I argued for three consecutive evenings about our top five Beatles songs. Mine are, in ascending order: A Day In The Life, As My Guitar Gently Weeps, When I'm 64, For No One, Something. Paul McCartney is the best Beatle and I will not be swayed on this. 
  • My favourite book is a tie between Ernest Hemingway 'The Sun Also Rises,' F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby,'  and 'Shopaholic Abroad' by Sophie Kinsella.

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I am a PR friendly blogger

If you are a PR company and you have an event or a product you think I should review, by all means contact me at catelondondreams@gmail.com. All my reviews will, obviously, be my own honest opinions. 

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